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ADJ. pertaining to the stomach
Clutching his stomach and grimacing broadly, the acting student feigned gastric distress.
N. hammerlike tool
"Sold!" cried the auctioneer, banging her gavel on the table to indicate she'd accepted the final bid.
N. record of descent; lineage
He was proud of his genealogy and constantly referred to the achievements of his ancestors.
ADJ. characteristic of an entire class or species
Sue knew so many computer programmers who spent their spare time playing fantacy games that she began to think that playing DSungeons & Dragons was a generic trait.
ADJ. well-bred; elegant
We are looking for a man with a genteel appearance who can inspire confidence by his cultivated manner.
N. nonsense; babbling
"Did you hear that fool boy spouting gibberish about monsters from outer space?
ADJ. light-headed; dizzy
The silly, giddy young girls rode ride after ride on the Tilt-a-Whirl until they were giddy and sick.
ADV. very carefully
To separate egg whites, first crack the egg gingerly, avoiding breaking the yolk.
V. shine erratically; twinkle
In the darkness of the cavern, the glowworms hanging from the cavern roof glimmered like distant stars.
V. explain
No matter how hard he tried to talk around the issue, the president could not gloss over the fact that he had raised taxes after all.
V. frown
The angry boy glowered at his father.
ADJ. greedy for food
The gluttonous boy ate all the cookies.
N. small, steep-walled canyon
The white-water rafting guide warned us about the rapids further downstream, where the river cut through a narrow gorge.
V. stuff oneself
The gluttonous guest gorged himself, cramming food into his mouth as fast as he could.
ADJ. pretentious; ridiculously exaggerated; impressive
The aged matinee idol still had grandiose notions of his supposed importance in the theatrical world.
N. impressiveness; stateliness; majesty
No matter how often he hiked through the mountains, David never failed to be struck by the grandeur of the Sierra Nevada range.
ADJ. given freely; unwarranted; uncalled for
Quit makjing gratuitous comments about my driving; no one asked for your opinion!
N. deceit; duplicity; wiliness; cunning
Iago uses considerate guile to trick Othello into believing that Desdemona has been unfaithful.ADJ. ea
ADJ. easily deceived
Overly gullible people have only themselves to blame if they fall for scams repeatedly.
ADJ. hesitant; faltering
Novice extemporaneous speakers often talk in a halting fashion as they grope for the right word.
N. noisy speeh
In her lengthy harangue the principal berated the offenders.
N. pride; arrogance
When she realized that Darcy believed himself too good to dance with his inferiors, Elizabeth took great offense at his haughtiness.
V. harass; taunt; jeer at
The home team's fans mercilessly heckled the visiting pitcher, tauting him whenever he let anyone get on base.
V. pay attention to; consider
We hope you heed our advice and get a good night's sleep before the test.
ADJ. very strong; extremely difficult to perform
Muscles rippling, the action hero was a herculean figure, lifting enormous weights with ease.
ADJ. sealed by fusion so as to be airtight
After you sterilize the bandages, place them in a container and seal it with a hermetic seal to protect them from contamination by airborne bacteria.
N. gap; pause
Except for a brief two-year hiatus, during which she enrolled in the Peace Corps, Ms. Clements has devoted herself to her medical career.
ADJ. domestic; made at home
Homespun wit like homespun cloth was often coarse and plain.
V. use sparingly; conserve; save
Marathon runners must husband their energy so that they can keep going for the entire rae.
N. individual trait, usually odd in nature; eccentricity
One of Richard Nixon's little idiosyncrasies was his liking for ketchup on cottage cheese.