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Integrity (n)
Internal strength that compels a person to do the right thing
Resilience (n)
The ability to recover from or easily adjust to change or misfortune
Mundane (adj)
Characterized by the practical and ordinary; everyday

...At the end of each exciting day as a ski instructor, i must return home to my mundane responsibilites in the home such as cleaning, cooking...etc
Restrained (adj)
Marked by control over expression of one's emotions or thoughts
Impetuous (adj)
Characterized by excessive or improper haste(speed) and lack of thought or deliberation. Or marked by violent action.

The impetuous skateboarder decided to be the first to skate the railing of the Golden Gate bridge
Novelty (n)
something that attracts because it unusual
Querulous (adj)
Always complaining; whining
surreptitious (adj)
Intended to escape observation - slowly and secretly
Underlying (adj)
Basic, root, fundamental
adulation (n)
excessive flattery or admiration
Celebrated (adj)
widely known and often referred to
Belie (v)
To show something to be false or wrong
Contemporary (adj)
One who lives in the same time period as another
Contrite (adj)
feeling bad for having committed a wrong act
Curtail (v)
to make shorter by cutting away part of
Detractor (n)
A person who speaks negatively of another; gossiper
delineate (v)
to describe something in detail
conundrum (n)
a difficult and complicated problem
Counteract (v)
to undo the affects of
Decisive (adj)
Unmistakeable; beyond doubt
(a decisive victory)
Cordial (adj)
warm, pleasant, and at ease in talking with others
Deduction (n)
The result of coming to a conclusion by reasoning
Cunning (adj)
Crafty in the use of special resources
Ensemble (n)
A group producing a single effect
Exorbitant (adj)
More than is appropriate or customary; excessive, superfluous
inclined (adj)
having a preference, tendency, disposition
Grudging (adj)
Reluctant, unwilling
Lavish (adj)
Very generous, or extravagant
Induce (v)
To cause another person to do something
Prosaic (adj)
Belonging to the everyday world, uninteresting
presumptuous (adj)
based on bold and excessive self-confidence
Pretense (n)
an artificial condition used to justify something
Spurious (adj)
not genuine, false
Scapegoat (n)
someone who is unfairly blamed for wrongdoing
thwart (v)
to oppose successfully
Sully (v)
to make soiled or tarnished
superficial (adj)
appearing only on the surface
Shed (v)
To get rid of
ruthless (adj)
having no compassion
table (v)
to delay an action or decision
Vulgar (adj)
morally crude, in poor taste
warrant (v)
to authorize
authority (n)
an expert on a topic
Bolster (v)
to support or show the correctness of
Clandestine (adj)
Held in or conducted in secrecy
Complex (adj)
having many parts that cannot be seperated
Employ (v)
to use
Illuminate (v)
to bring greater understanding to
Implicit (adj)
anything that is left unsaid but is true
Indulge (v)
to satisfy the desires of
Incontrovertible (adj)
unable to be proven wrong
Ingenious (adj)
showing intentiveness and skill
Memoir (n)
a personal account of one's experiences
Mar (v)
to spoil the perfect condition of
Paragon (n)
a role model who represents excellence or perfection
Picturesque (adj)
Having great natural beauty
Plausible (adj)
Capable of being true
Vindicate (v)
to prove a person right after he was said to be wrong