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Spurious; adj
lacking authenticity; cunterfeit, false
Staid; adj
self-restrained to the point of dullness
Stoic; adj
indifferent to or unaffected by emotions
Stolid; adj
having or showing little emotion
Stultify; verb
to impair or reduce to uselessness
Subjugate; verb
to enslave; to conquer, subdue
Subterfuge; noun
trick or tactic used to avoid something
Superannuated; adj
to old, obsolete, outdated
Supercilious; adj
arrogant, haughty, overbearing, condescending
Surfeit; noun
excessive amount
Surreptitious; adj
characterized by secrecy
Sycophant; noun
self-serving flatterer, yes-man
Tacit; adj
silently understood or implied
Tangential; adj
digressing, diverting
Tenable; adj
defensible, reasonable
Timorous; adj
timid, shy, full of apprehension
Tome; noun
book, usually large and academic
Torpid; adj
lethargic; unable to move; dormant
Tractable; adj
obedient, yielding
Trenchant; adj
acute, sharp, incisive, forceful, effective
Trepidation; noun
fear and anxiety
Trifling; adj
of slight worth, trivial, insignificant
Trite; adj
shallow, superficial
Truncate; verb
to cute off; to shorten by cutting
Tumult; noun
state of confusion; agitation
Tyro; noun
beginner, novice
Ubiquitous; adj
being everywhere simultaneously
Umbrage; noun
offense, resentment
Unctuous; adj
smug and falsely earnest
Upbraid; verb
to scold sharply