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Restive; adj
impatient, unesay, restless
Reticent; adj
not speaking freely; reserved
Retinue; noun
group of attendants with an important person
Retiring; adj
shy, modest, reserved
Retrench; verb
to cut down; to reduce
Revelry; noun
boisterous festivity
Ribald; adj
humorous in a vulgar way
Riddle; verb
to make many holes in; to permeate
Ruminate; verb
to contemplate, reflect upon
Sacrosanct; adj
extremely sacred; beyong criticism
Sagacious; adj
shred, keen
Salubrious; adj
Sanguine; adj
cheerfully optimistic; ruddy
Sardonic; adj
cynical, scornfully, mocking
Scintilla; noun
trace amount
Scintillate; verb
to sparkle, flash
Scurrilous; adj
vulgar, low, indecent
Sectarian; adj
narrow-minded; relating to a group or sect
Senescent; adj
Sententious; adj
having a moralizing tone
Sentient; adj
aware, conscious, able to perceive
Seraphic; adj
angelic, pure, sublime
Simper; verb
to smirk; to smile foolishly
Sinuous; adj
winding; intricate, complex
Solecism; noun
grammatical mistake
Solipsism; noun
belief that oneself is the only reality
Somnolent; adj
drowsy, sleepy; inducing sleep
Sonorous; adj
producing a full, rich sound
Sophistry; noun
deceptive reasoing or arguementation
Soporific; adj
sleepy or tending to cause sleep