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Prescient; adj
having foresight
Prevaricate; verb
to lie; to evade the truth
Privation; noun
lack of usual necessities or comforts
Probity; noun
honesty, high-mindedness
Proclivity; noun
tendency, inclination
Prodigious; adj
vast, enormous, extraordinary
Profligate; adj
corrupt, degenerate
Propinquity; noun
Propitious; adj
favorable, advantageous
Proselytize; verb
to convert to a particular belief or religion
Protean; adj
readily assuming different forms or characters
Puerile; adj
childish, immature, silly
Pugilism; noun
Pugnacious; adj
quarrelsome, eager and ready to fight
Pulchritude; noun
Quagmire; noun
difficult situation; marsh
Querulous; adj
inclined to complain, irritable
Quiescence; noun
inactivity, stillness
Quixotic; adj
overly idealistic, impractical
Quotidian; adj
occuring daily, commonplace
Raconteur; noun
witty, skillful storyteller
Recalcitrant; adj
resisting authority or control
Recant; verb
to retract a statement, opinion, etc
Recondite; adj
relating to obscure learning; known to only a few
Rectitude; noun
moral uprightness
Redress; noun
relief from wrong or injury
Rejoinder; noun
Remediable; adj
capable of being corrected
Reprobate; noun
morally unprincipled person
Repudiate; verb
to reject as having no authority