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Parry; verb
to ward off or deflect
Parsimony; noun
Pastiche; noun
piece of literature or music imitating other works
Paucity; noun
scarcity, lack
Peccadillo; noun
minor sin or offense
Pedagogue; noun
Pedant; noun
uninspired, boring academic
Pejorative; adj
having bad connotations; disparaging
Percipient; adj
discerning, able to perceive
Perdition; noun
complete and utter loss; damnation
Perfidious; adj
faithless, disloyal, untrustworthy
Perfunctory; adj
done in a routine way; indifferent
Peripatetic; adj
moving from place to place
Permeable; adj
Pernicious; adj
very harmful
Perspicacious; adj
shrewd, astute, keen-witted
Pertinacious; adj
persistent, stubborn
Pestilence; noun
epidemic, plague
Petulance; noun
rudeness; peevishness
Phlegmatic; adj
sluggish; calm in temperament
Pilfer; verb
to steal
Pithy; adj
profound, substantial; concise, succinct, to the point
Pittance; noun
meager amount or wage
Placate; verb
to soothe or pacify
Ply; verb
to join together; to use diligently; to engage
Polemic; noun
controversy, argument; verbal attack
Pontificate; verb
to speak in a pretentious manner
Precipitate; adj
sudden and unexpected
Precipitate; verb
to cause to happen; to throw down from a height
Predilection; noun
preference, liking