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Abase; verb
to humble, to disgrace
Abdicate; verb
to give up a position, right, or power
Aberration; noun
something different from the usual
Abeyance; noun
temporary suppression or suspension
Abject; adj
miserable, pitiful
Abstruse; adj
difficlt to comprehend
Acerbic; adj
bitter, sharp in taste or temper
Acquiesce; verb
to agree; to comply quietly
Acrimony; noun
bitterness, animosity
Adulterate; verb
to corrupt or make impure
Aesthetic; adj
pertaining to beauty or art
Aggrandize; verb
to make larger or greater in power
Alacrity; noun
cheerful willingness, eagerness; speed
Allegory; noun
symbolic representation
Amalgamate; verb
to mix, combine
Ameliorate; verb
to make better; to improve
Amortize; verb
to diminish by installment payments
Anachromnism; noun
something chronologically inappropriate
Anathema; noun
ban, curse; something shunned or disliked
Ancillary; adj
accessory; subordinate; helping
Antediluvian; adj
prehistoric, ancient beyong measure
Anterior; adj
preceding, previous, before, prior
Antipathy; noun
dislike, hostility; extreme opposition or aversion
Apocryphal; adj
not genuine, fictional
Apotheosis; noun
glorification, glorified ideal
Approbation; noun
praise, official approval
Ardent; adj
passionate, enthusiastic, fervent
Ardor; noun
great emotion or passion
Arduous; adj
extremely difficult, laborious
Ascetic; adj
self-denying, abstinent, austere