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abate (v)
to reduce, lessen
abdicate (v)
to give up a position, usually one of leadership
abduct (v)
to kidnap, take by force
abjure (v)
to reject, renounce
absolution (n)
freedom from blame, guilt, sin
balk (v)
to stop short and refuse to proceed
ballad (n)
a love song or song that tells a narrative
bane (n)
source of harm or ruin
bard (n)
a poet, often a singer as well
bashful (adj)
shy, excessively timid
cadence (n)
a rhythm, progression of sound
calamity (n)
an event with disasterous consequences
calibrate (v)
to set, standardize
callous (adj)
harsh, cold, unfeeling
calumny (n)
an attempt to spoil someone else's reputation by spreading lies
debacle (n)
a disastrous failure, disruption
debase (v)
to lower the quality or esteem of something
debunk (v)
to expose the falseness of something
decorous (adj)
socially proper, apporopriate
defunct (adj)
no longer used or existing
eclectic (adj)
consisting of a diverse variety of elements
ecstatic (adj)
intensely and overpoweringly happy
efficacious (adj)
effrontery (n)
impudence, nerve, insolence
egregious (adj)
extremely bad
fabricate (v)
to make up, invent
facade (n)
1. the wall of a building; 2. a deceptive appearance or attitude
facile (adj)
1. easy, requiring little effort; 2. superficial, achieved with minimal thought or care, insincere
fallacious (adj)
incorrect, misleading
fathom (v)
to understand, comprehend
garish (adj)
gaudy, in bad taste
genial (adj)
friendly, affable
good (v)
to urge, spur, incite to action
gourmand (n)
someone fond of eating and drinking
grandiose (adj)
planned on a magnificent, exaggerated scale
hackneyed (adj)
unoriginal, trite
harangue (n)
a lengthy, ranting speech; (v) to give such a speech
hardy (adj)
robust, capable of surviving through adverse conditions
haughty (adj)
disdainfully proud
hedonist (n)
one who believes pleasure should be the primary pursuit of humans
iconoclast (n)
one who attacks common beliefs or institutions
idiosyncratic (adj)
peculiar to one person; highly individualized
idolatrous (adj)
excessively worshipping one object or person
mmerse (v)
to absorb, deeply involve, engross
immutable (adj)
not changeable
jubilant (adj)
extremely joyful, happy
juxtaposition (n)
the act of placing two things next to each other for implicit comparison
laconic (adj)
terse in speech or writing
languid (adj)
sluggish from fatigue or weakness
largess (n)
the generous giving of lavish gifts
latent (adj)
hidden, but capable of being exposed
laudatory (adj)
expressing admiration or praise
magnanimous (adj)
noble, generous
malevolent (adj)
wanting harm to befall others
manifest (adj)
easily understandable, obvious; (v) to show plainly
manifold (adj)
diverse, varied
maverick (n)
an independent, nonconformist person
nefarious (adj)
heinously villainous
negligent (adj)
habitually careless, neglectful
nocturnal (adj)
relating to or occuring during the night
nonchalant (adj)
having a lack of concern, indifference
nondescript (adj)
lacking a distinctive character
obdurate (adj)
unyielding to persuasion or moral influences
obfuscate (v)
to render incomprehensible
oblique (adj)
diverging from a straight line or course, not straightforward
oblivious (adj)
lacking consciousness or awareness of something
obscure (adj)
unclear, partially hidden
palatable (adj)
agreeable to the taste or sensibilities
palatte (n)
a range of colors or qualities
palliate (v)
to reduce the severity of
paradigm (n)
an example that is a perfect pattern or model
paradox (n)
an apparently contradictory statement that may be true
quagmire (n)
a messy, difficult situation
quandary (n)
a perplexing, unresolvable state
querulous (adj)
whiny, complaining
rancor (n)
deep, bitter resentment
rash (adj)
hasty, incautious
raze (v)
to demolish, level
reciprocate (v)
to give in return
reclusive (adj)
solitare, shunning society
salve (n)
a soothing balm
satiate (v)
to satisfy excessively
scrupulous (adj)
painstaking, careful
semaphore (n)
a visual signal
serene (adj)
calm, untroubled
tantamount (adj)
equivalent in value or significance
temerity (n)
audacity, recklessness
tenable (adj)
able to be defended or maintained
timorous (adj)
timid, fearful
transgress (v)
to violate, go over a limit
usurp (v)
to seize by force, take possession of without right
utopia (n)
an imaginary and remote place of perfection
vacillate (v)
to fluctuate, hesitate
vacuous (adj)
lack of content or ideas, stupid
variegated (adj)
diversified, distictly marked
veneer (n)
a superficial or deceptively attractive appearance
venerable (adj)
deserving of respect because of age or acievement
venerate (v)
to regarde with respect, honor
verdant (adj)
green in tint or color
vex (v)
to confuse or annoy
vicarious (adj)
experiencing through another
vindicate (v)
to avenge; to free from allegation; to set free
virtuoso (n)
1. one who exels in an art; 2. a highly skilled musical performer
vocation (n)
the work in which oneone is employed
wistful (adj)
full of yearning; musingly sad
wrath (n)
strong vengeful anger, punishment