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Out of the 49 questions how many are Improving Paragraphs?
Only 6!
Three Key Points
Save these for last because they take longer
20% are correct rule does not apply
Do NOT edit as you read
The Basic Approach?
Skim the passage and identify the following things:
Main Idea and Structure
Read the question and go back
More than Grammar.. Keep the following three things in mind
1. Think about what the author is trying to convey
2. pay attention to the logical flow of ideas
3. Avoid ambiguity and wordiness
Three Basic Types of Questions?
Revision Questions
Combination Questions
Weird Questions
Revision Questions
Asked to revise sentences or part of sentences
Combination Questions
Type of revision question with two sentences
Pay attention to flow
Are the sentences going in the same or opposite directions? TRIGGERS
Look for the most concise combo that is smooth and accurate
Weird Questions
If you're asked to split a paragraph in two..
If you're asked to insert a sentence..
If you're asked to swap sentences..
splitting- look for where a new idea is introduced, a shift
inserting- focus ont he connection between the surrounding sentences
swapping- focus ont he order of ideas
Weird Questions
If you're asked to the describe the relationship between two sentences..
If you're asked to identify the best topic to hypothetically precede or follow the passage..
relationship- focus on agreement or disagreement
bes topic- stick as closely to the passage as you can