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What is a perimeter?
the whole outer boundary or measurement of a surface or figure
What is an astringent?
substance that shrinks tissues and checks flow of blood by drawing together blood vessels
What is a constrict?
draw together; bind
What is a stringent?
strict; rigid; severe
What is periphery?
outside boundary
What is perophrastic?
expressed in a round-about way
What is a genocide?
deliberate extermination of a recial or cultural group
What is stricture?
adverse criticism; censure
What is a sororicide?
act of killing one's sister
What is voracious?
greedy in eating; insatiable
What is carnivorous?
What is fraticide?
act of killing one's brother
What is omnivorous?
avidly taking in everything; eating everything
What is herbivorous?
dependent on eating plants as food
What is peristalsis?
wavelike contraction of the walls of the intestines which propels contents onward
What is a regicide?
act of killing a king
What is peristyle?
row of columns around a building or courtyard
What is devour?
to eat greedily or ravenously