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inguinal region is...
b/w the abdomen and thigh (groin area)
T/F: more structures pass through the female inguinal canal
F (more in the male)
T/F: the inguinal canal has an opening on the inside and outside of the body
what is the perforation in the abdominal wall in the region of the groin?
inguinal canal
what is located b/w the superficial and deep inguinal rings?
inguinal canal
what is a short fissure filled with connective tissue b/w the abdominal muscles
inguinal canal
when is the inguinal canal truely a canal?
when a testes doesn't descend into the scrotum
what passes though the inguinal canal in general?
external pudendal a.
external pudendal v.
genitofemoral n.
vaginal tunic(male)/vaginal process(female)
spermatic cord (male)
where the spermatic cord becomes visable is the start of the...
inguinal canal
the slit in the aponeurosis of the external abdominal oblique m.
superficial inguinal ring
the superficial inguinal ring is covered by..
the thoracolumbar fascia
what structure splits the 2 areas of insertion of ext. abd. oblique
superficial inguinal ring
what forms a triangle b/w 3 boundaries
deep inguinal ring
to see the deep inguinal ring you need to be in....and looking at the...
the abdominal cavity and looking at the inguinal canal
medial boundary of deep inguinal ring
lateral edge of retus abdominis
cranial boundary deep inguinal ring
caudal edge of internal abdominal oblique
caudal boundary of deep inguinal ring
inguinal ligament
the caudal border of the aponeurosis of the ext. abd. oblique is the....
inguinal ligament
what courses b/w the tuber coxae and iliopubic eminence of the pelvis
inguinal ligament
the inguinal ligament courses b/w....
tuber coxae and iliopubic eminence
which muscle partially arises from the inguinal ligament?
internal abdominal oblique
inguinal ligament separates what from what?
separates the vascular lacuna from the inguinal canal
what separates the vascular lacuna from the inguinal canal?
inguinal ligament
what is the opening in the body wall for vessels coursing to the pelvic limb
vascular lacuna
what is the vascular lacuna?
the opening in the body wall for vessels coursing to the pelvic limb
structures coursing through the inguinal canal in both males and females
external pudendal a.
external pudendal v.
genitofemoral n.
efferent lymphatics fromn the superficial inguinal ln.
structures only in male inguinal canal
vaginal tunic
spermatic cord
structures only in female inguinal canal
vaginal process(round ligament of the uterus)
what is found within the vaginal process
round ligament of the uterus
what is found in the spermatic cord
ductus deferens
testicular n.
testicular a.
testicular v.
testicular lymphatics
main artery going to the pelvic limbs
external iliac a.
2 main branches off of the external iliac a.
femoral a.
deep femoral a.
trunk of off deep femoral
pudendoepigastric trunk
2 main branches off of pudendoepigastric trunk
caudal (deep) epigastric a.
external pudendal a.
2 main branches off of external pudendal a.
caudal superficial epigastric a.
ventral labial/ventral scrotal a.
blood supply to abdominal wall
deep circumflex iliac a.
cranial deep epigastric a.
caudal deep epigastric a.
cranial abdominal a.
what makes up the genitofemoral n.?
ventral branches of L3 and L4
genitofemoral n. provides motor to?
sensory from?
motor to cremaster m. (skeletal muscle)

sensory from skin in inguinal region ( inguinal mammary gland, prepuce, scrotum) and proximal middle thigh
T/F: testes have their own lymphatics
action of cremaster muscle
raise the testes (attached to the tunic)
which lymph vessels unit to pass through the inguinal canal?

what do they drain into?
efferent vessels from the superficial inguinal lymph nodes

drain into the medial iliac lymph nodes
types of superficial inguinal lymph nodes
mammary and scrotal
what is the vaginal process?
a parietal peritoneal excavation that passes through the inguinal canal
what forms the vaginal ring?

what passes through it?
the opening of the vaginal process

the round ligament of the uterus
T/F: the female dog is thought to be the only domestic animal that has a vaginal process
vaginal process in males wraps around what?

forms what?

a double-walled structure with parietal and visceral layers
where is the vaginal cavity located?
b/w the parietal layer (parietal vaginal tunic) and the visceral layer (visceral vaginal tunic) of the vaginal process
where is the vaginal ring located?
at the entrance to the vaginal cavity
what is the name for the fascia that lines the abdominal cavity?
transversalis fascia
what is the transversalis fascia continuous with?
the vaginal tunic
in males what passes through the vaginal ring?
spermatic cord
clinically what does the vaginal tunic include?
the spermatic fascia and the parietal vaginal tunic
what is incised during castration?
clinical vaginal tunic
what produces serous fluid within in the vaginal tunic?
parietal and vaginal tunics
what is the visceral vaginal tunic adhered to?
ductus deferens
what is closed castration?
w/o incising into the vaginal tunic
what is open castration?
incise into the vaginal tunic and clamp off vessels
spermatic cord components
testicular a.
testicular v.
pampiniform plexus
testicular n.
testicular lymphatics
ductus deferens
deferent a. and v ( a. and v. of dectus deferens)
internal cremaster m.
is internal cremaster m. smooth or skeletal?
what are testicular aa. branches off of?
the aorta
which kidney is further cranial?
where does the R testicular vein drain?
into the caudal vena cava
where does the L testicular vein drain?
into the L renal v.
what is the pampiniform plexus?
venous network that surrounds the testicular aa.
function of pampiniform plexus?
keeps testes cool for proper sperm maturation
what nerve is found in the spermatic cord?
testicular n.
testicular n. is comprised of?
autonomic and sensory fibers
testicular n. autonomic fibers originate from?
4th, 5th, and 6th lumbar ganglia
T/F: testicular n. forms a plexus within the spermatic cord
autonomic fibers of testicular n. originate from..

4th, 5th, and 6th lumbar ganglia of sympathetic trunk

innervate blood vessels an smooth muscle fibers
testicular lymphatic efferent vessels course to..
medial iliac and lumbar aortic lnn.
what carries sperm from the epididymis to the urethra?
ductus deferens
what vessels course with the ductus deferens?
deferent a. and v.
what is the urethra within?
the prostate
what is the mesentery of the testis?
what supports the vessels and nerves of the testis?
what is the mesentery of the ductus deferens?
mesoductus deferens
what supports the ductus deferens and the deferential a. and v.?
mesoductus deferens
connects mesorchium and mesoductus deferens to the pareital vaginal tunic
what do the mesorchium and moesoductus deferens attach to?
mesofuniculum connects them to the parietal vaginal tunic
T/F: cremaster muscle is a component of the spermatic cord
F: only the internal cremaster is
course of cremaster muscle
caudal border of internal abdominal oblique
courses along outside of vaginal tunic
inserts on spermatic fascia and parietal vaginal tunic
is the cremaster muscle poorly developed in the dog or cat?
scrotum contains...
distal part of spermatic cord
scrotal position in cat and dog
cat- perineal position (more dorsal)

dog- inguinal position (groin)
scrotum of cat or dog has more hair
scrotal ligament runs b/w...
scrotum and vaginal tunic
where are incisions made in cats and dogs for castration
dog- prescrotal area

cat-directly on scrotum
T/F: scrotal ligament is broken down during castration
what courses b/w the scrotum and vaginal tunic?
scrotal ligament
what covers the testes?
tunica albuginea
what is tunica albuginea?
dense, white fibrous capsule that covers the testes
what occurs within the testes?
sperm and hormone production
what occurs within the epididymis
storage and maturation of sperm
where does the epididymis attach to the testes?
dorsolateral surface
what covers the epididymis?
visceral vaginal tunic
head of epididymis is located near...
the region of the testis where the vessels enter
where is tail of epididymis located?
caudal extremity of the testis
difference in position of epididymis in cat and dog..
dog- craniodorsal

layers of scrotum
tunica dartos
external spermatic fascia
internal spermatic fascia
parietal vaginal tunic
vaginal cavity
visceral vaginal tunic
tunica albuginea
testicular parenchyma
which 2 layers of the scrotum form the vaginal tunic?
internal spermatic fascia and parietal vaginal tunic
what allows testes to descend?
the gubernaculum testis

expands and then starts to regress so that there is room for the testes to be situated
term for the condensation of mesenchymal tissue of testes
gubernaculum testis
how long should you wait to decide if a dog is cryptorchid?
30-45 days
what courses b/w the tail of the epididymis and the testis
proper ligament of testis
what courses b/w the tail of the epididymis and the vaginal tunic (parietal vaginal tunic and surrounding spermatic fascia)?
ligament of the tail of epididymis
what does the proper ligament of the testis course b/w?
tail of epididymis and the testis
what does the ligament of the tail of the epididymis course b/w?
tail of epididymis and vaginal tunic
what are the remnants of the gubernaculum in the male?
proper ligament of the testis

ligament of the tail of the epididymis
what is the remnant of the gubernaculum in the female?
round ligament of the uterus
where does the round ligament of the uterus course?
from cranial tip of the uterine horn to the vaginal process
steps of ovariohysterectomy
ovary exteriorized
hemostat around proper ligament
break down suspensory ligament
hole made in broad ligament to puts clamps on ovarian a. and v.
watch out for ureters