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What are the general organizational units in logistics?
Company code
What are the location-based organizational units in logistics?
Maintenance plant
Maintenance work centers
What are the planning-based organizational units in logistics?
Maintenance planning plant
Maintenance planner groups
What is the most important organizational unit within logistics and what does it ususally represent?
The plant and it usually represents a production unit of a company.
What is a maintenance plant?
The plant at which the operational systems of a company are installed
If maintenance work is planned at a particular plant what is it called?
The maintence planning plant
What is a plant engineer?
The person responsible for the plant section and is the contect person who coordinates production and maintenance.
How are the units of capacity in plant maintenance managed?
As maintenance woork centers
How are maintenance work centers assigned to the respective maintenance plant?
As workshops
How are the planners within a maintenance planning plant defined?
By maintenance planner groups
Where are maintenance requirements planned?
In the maintenance plannig plant
What is plant-specific planning?
When all aspects of plant maintenance are performed in the plant. That is the maintenance requirement is planned there just as the orders are executed by workshops from the plant and the spare parts are stored within the plant.
What is cross-plant planning?
When multiple maintenance plants are assigned to one planning plant. In this case, the functions of maintenance such as maintenance planning, order execution, and spare parts storage are teh responsibility of another plant.
What is an example of another constellation of plant maintenance besides plant-specific and cross-plant planning?
When a plant has the workshops to carry out the maintenance itself but hte planning or requirements and spare parts procurement take place in another plant.
What are examples of a work center in asset management?
Group of machines
Group of people
What are work centers used as in plant maintenance?
Main work center in the master record for the equipment of functional location.
Main work center in a maintenance item
Main work center in the task list header
Performing work center in the opeations for a task list
Main work center in the order header
Performing work center in the operation for an order
To what type of data do work centers belong and what do they provide?
They belong to master data and provide the capacity required to perform a task.
What are the functions of the maintenance work center?
Capacity planning
What can you use the costing function of the maintenance work center for?
To determine the cost of an internal activity by a production unit.
What provides the activity types for valuating an operation?
A work center
What can you use the scheduling function of the maintenance work center for?
To determine the dates when operations should be performed.
How is the time required for operations calculated?
By being calculated and compared with the time available in the work center.
What is used as the basis for calculating the time required for an operation?
The standard values and quantities in the operations.
Where is available capacity defined?
In the work center
How are the capacity requirement for the operations in the orders determined?
By being compared with the available capacity being defined in the work center
What is a planning plant?
A plant in which the services are planned and scheduled
How many performing plants can be involved in service order?
What is the difference between centralized and de-centralized planning?
In centralized planing there is only one planning plant but several plants perform the services.

In de-centralized planning, each planing plant is also a performing plant.
What are planner groups?
A group of planners or stock planners
How are planner groups defined within a plant?
As work centers
What does a plant represent?
A location of the work center and where one or more employees are assigned to each work center.
What are not reference objects in a maintenance order?
BOM and assemblies
What are functional locations?
Elements in a technical structure and represent areas of a system at which objects can be installed.
How can you subdivide technical structures such as functional locations?
According to functional, process-oriented or spatial criteria
What are pieces of equipment?
Individual objects that are to be regarded as autonomous units.
Why are serial numbers given to materials?
In order to differentiate them from other items and enable pieces of material to be regarded as individual items.
What are BOM's used for in plant maintenance?
To structure functional locations and pieces of equipment in more detail.
What can be used as reference objects for service notifications and service orders?
Functional locations
Pieces of equipment
Serial numbers
What can assemblies be used in relation (not referenced) to?
A piece of equipment or a functional location
How are functional locations ordered (organized)?
Hierarchically through structures that represent spatial, functional (process-oriented), or technical layouts.
What is the aim of creating a functional location?
To structure a technical system or building into units that are relevant for plant maintenance.
What are the purposes for creating a functional area?
1. Execution of maintenance tasks according to functional criteria

2. Recording of maintenance tasks

3. Data collection over long periods of time

4. Cost monitoring by area

5. Analyzing the effect usage conditions have on the likelihood of damage to the installed equipment

What are the views in the master record for the functional location?
1. General
2. Location
3. Organization
4. Structure
What can you find in the organization view of the master record for a functional loation?
Account assignment and responsibilities
What can you find in the structure view of the master record for a functional location?
Structure indicator, higher-level functional location, and equipment.
How is the identification for functional locations created?
Using the structure indicator
What does a structure indicator consist of?
Two input fields: coding template and hierarchy levels
What is a cosing template used for?
To control which characters may be used for identification letters, numbers, or both and how these characters are group together or split.
What are hierarchy levels used to define?
Which level ends at which character and how mnay hierarchy levels the structure may contain.
What is the maximum number of characters the coding template may have to identify a functional location?
What is the stucture of a functional location based on?
The structure indicator
What is the difference between a functional location and location?
A functional location is static whereas equipment is dynamic.
What is an individual physical object that is to be maintained as an autonomous unit?
How can a piece of equipment be linked with a material?
If there is inventory management, in the sense of materials management, for the object.
When should you create an equipment master record for a technical object?
1. For management of individual data

2. Recording of maintenance tasks

3. Long-term object based recording of costs

4. Evaluation of technical data

5. Recording of usage times
What are the views in the equipment master record?
1. General
2. Location
3. Organization
4. Structure
How can you track changes to equipment over a specific period of time?
By using time-based data to monitor a piece of equipment dynamically.
Can you automatically create a new time segment whenever certain changes are made in the equipment master record? If so, how?
Yes. If your system is customized accordingly.
Where can you monitor the installation times for a piece of equipment?
From both the functional location and equipment view.
When a piece of equipment is linked with a material what type of integration is displayed?
An integration with materials management.
Does the material master record enable you to identify individual items of a particular category?
No. For that you must use serial number management.
What is serial number management?
An aspect of the system that enables you to identify individual item of a particular category by tracking them with a unique number.
What must the combination of material and serial number always be?
May the same serial number occur for different material numbers?
In what version of SAP did it become possible to use the material master record to ensure that serial numbers and equipment numbers are kept synchronously?
SAP R/3 Enterprise
Is an equipment master record created for each serial number?
Depending on the serial number profile, what views are visible on the equipment master record?
Either only the serial data view or all views of the equipment master.
What is located in the serial data view?
Stock information such as plant, storage location, batch, special stocks, or customer, serial number history and all documents to which the serial number is assigned.
As of what SAP version is there a function that enables you to install and dismantle pieces of equipment with simultaneous goods movements?
SAP R/3 Enterprise
Using the function that enables you to install and dismantle pieces of equipment with simultaneous goods movements what can you execute with one step?
Dismantle a piece of equipment and put it away or remove a piece of equipment from storage and install it in a piece of equipment
How does maintenance BOM differ with other BOM's?
It only contains items relevant to plant maintenance.
What are the important functions of a maintenance BOM?
1. Structuring of the object
2. Spare parts planning in the order
3. Spare parts planning in the task list
What are the categories of the maintenance BOM?
1. Material BOM
2. Equipment BOM
3. Functional location BOM
What is a material BOM?
A material BOM is a BOM that is first created for a material independently of a technical object.
When are material BOM's used in plant maintenance?
They are always used if a number of similarily constructed objects have to be maintained.
How do you assign a BOM to one or more technical objects?
In the respective technical object master record using the structure view and entering the number of the corresponding material in the construction type field.
What are the steps in the corrective maintenance process?
1. Notification
2. Planning
3. Scheduling
4. Execution
5. Completion
What are activities in maintenance planning that are tracked in the maintenance order?
The steps that were already performed in the maintenance process.
What are tasks in maintenance planning that are tracked in the maintenance order?
The steps that still remain to be completed in the maintenance process.
What types of information can you find in a maintenance notification?
1. Header data
2. Notification item(s)
3. Activities
4. Task data
How can all the types of maintenance notification be entereed in the system?
For a functional location and a piece of equipment, in each case with or without assembly, or for a mterial with a serial number.
What are all the views for a reference object that can be chosen for an individual notification or for a notification type?
1. Functional location+equipment+assembly
2. Functional location+equipment+assembly for functional locations with exactly one piece of equipment installed, the equipment is set automatically.
3. Functional location
4. Equipment (with or without assembly)
5. Material number and serial number (with or without eqquipment number)
6. Without a reference object
For a maintenance order, what holds the costs until the order is complete?
The maintenance notification
What are the ways you can create a maintenance order?
1. Directly
2. For the maintenance notification
3. Combination of maintenance notifications
4. Activity report for an existing maintenance order as technical confirmation
5. Auomatically generated by the maintenance plan
What are the elements of a maintenance order?
1. Header data
2. Object list
3. Order operation
4. Material list
5. PRT's
6. Settlement rule
7. Costs
What does the object list of the maintenance order contain?
Items to be processed when same activity for multiple objects is performed.
What does the order operation of the maintenance order describe?
The tasks that should be performed for the maintenance order and who performs them with what guidelines.
What does the material list of the maintenance order contain?
It contains the list of spare parts required.
Where is the settlement rule for a maintenance order defined and when can it be changed?
In the master record for the reference object and can be changed when the first settlement rule is maintained for the order.
What views of costs are there on the maintenance order and what type of costs do they display?
Technical and controlling views which display estimated, plan, and actual costs.
Where can you assign technical objects and/or maintenance notifications in the maintenance order?
The object list
Can you plan materials for each operation in the maintenance order?
How can you set a reservation time for planned materials for a maintenance order?
In customizing
What is decided for each order type in customizing?
Whether the system should make the material reservation effective or generate the purchase requisition immediately or only when the order is released.
When is an automatic availability check performed by the system for an order?
When the order is released but it can also be released if there is no availability.
What two documents can be printed together with the order papers?
A material provision list and material withdrawal slips.
What are planned and unplanned goods eneter with reference to?
Planned goods are enetered with reference to the reservation whereas the unplanned goods are entered with reference to the order number.
Do the goods issue entered appear in the document flow of an order?
When a goods receipt is entered from a non-stock material, what is debited with the purchase order value?
The maintenance order
What is the process flow of in stock materials?
1. Component assignement (optional availability check)
2. Material reservation
3. Order release (automatic availability check)
4. Printing
5. Goods issue
What is the process flow for a non-stock material for a maintenance order?
1. Component assignment
2. Purchase application (Req)
3. Purchase order
4. Order release
5. Goods receipt
6. Invoice receipt
When goods receipts are entered for a non-stock material, what is debited with the purchase order value?
The maintenance order
How can you display expected costs in a maintenance order and with what views are they displayed?
At the cost element level witht he controlling view and at value category level with the maintenance view.
What are value categories?
G/L expense accounts
What are the effects of an order release?
1. Reservation effective can be withdrawn
2. Shop papers can be printed
3. Time confirmation possible
4. Goods movement possible (post GR)
5. Complete task
How do you ensure a maintenance order is released immediately after it has been created?
The indicator release immediately must be set for the required order types in customizing.
What items can be printed from a maintenance order?
1. Job ticket
2. Control ticket
3. Pick list
4. Object list
5. Time ticket
6. Confirmation slip
7. Material withdrawal slip
What purpose does a job ticket have and what does it show?
It is a document which gives the person executing the maintenance work a complete overview of the order.
What does an operation control ticket show?
The maintenance engineer responsible a complete overview of the maintenance order. It also contains information about permits.
What does a time ticket show a worker?
The time estimated to execute the operation on the time ticket.
What is used by workers as an entry sheet for their work times?
Confirmation slip
How many material withdrawal slip are printed per maintenance order?
One per each material component
What types of withdrawal of materials for maintenance order are there?
Planned and unplanned withdrawal of stock.
Are goods movements for a maintenance order displayed in the document flow of the order?
What does the material where-used list allow you to do?
Check which withdrawals for a material were planned and unplanned.
What are the different ways to confirm the time required for work on a maintenance order?
1. Individual entry of times for each order operation
2. Collective entry by direct entry or using an operation list
3. Overall completion confirmation
4. Entry using the cross-application time sheet (CATS)
When is PCNF (partially confirmed) assigned to an operation/suboperation in a maintenance order?
When completion confirmations for the operation/suboperations have been entered.
When is CNF (finally confirmed) assigned to a maintenance order?
As soon as all the operation/suboperations have been completely confirmed.
Can you reverse completion confirmations if necessary?
Where are activities performed entered?
As maintenance notifications with notification type activity report
What does the overall completion confirmation enable you to do?
To confirm not only working times but all the relevant details for an order on a single screen.
When does a maintenance order obtain the TECO status?
When the maintenance work required for the order has been completed.
After obtain status TECO, what are the only things that can be changed online to the maintenance order?
1. It can be locked or unlocked
2. The deletion flag can be set
After reaching the TECO status, can an order still receive costs?
If a settlement rule is not maintained, what happens?
One is generated automatically by the system.
What happens to all the PR's for which there are no PO's that still exist for a maintenacne order after reaching TECO status?
They are marked with a deletion flag.
What happens to all open reservations and capacities after a maintenance order reaches the TECO status?
They are closed.
What must be entered for technical completion depending on what periods are assigned to the order in the plant maintenance information system (PMIS)?
A reference date and time.
Does a reference date have influence on the determination of the location and account assignment data?
No. It is determined from and set to the day's date when the order is created.
What is available in maintenance history that can be used for the evaluation of past work and the planning of new work?
The order data, data from notifications, and usage histories.
What happens when you reverse the staus TECO?
The order is given the status it had before the technical completion.
What are all the document types created for a maintenance order that can be displayed?
1. Notification
2. Completion confirmation
3. Goods movement
4. PR
5. PO
What is displayed in the action log and how is it displayed?
Changes to notifications, orders, equipment, and functional locations which are displayed in chronological order.
What must you do to use the action log function?
Activate the creation of change documents for the respective objects.
What elements of the system does the plant maintenance function integrate with?
1. Production
2. Project management
3. HR system
4. Funds management
5. Investment management
6. Asset accounting
7. Financial accounting
8. Management accounting
9. Materials management
What is analysis in maintenance processing based on?
Completed notifications or orders and historical orders.
Where are maintenance notifications and orders transferred upon completion?
notifications are transferred to notification history and orders are transferred to the section for completed orders.
When are historical orders generated in enterprise asset management?
When completed orders are archived and they form the basis for long-term analysis.
Do completed notifications and orders serve for long-term evaluations?
No. They serve for medium term.
Where can you find information on historical orders?
In the order history
Can results from reporting be displayed graphically?
What is standard analysis used for?
To provide many functions that enabe you to find specific information for detailed evaluations.
What provides the database for standard analyses?
Information structures
What is the maximum scope order of steps in service order processing?
1. Creation
2. Planning
3. Release
4. Print/communication
5. Execution
6. Confirmation
7. Technical completion
8. Billing document
9. Settlement
10. Business completion
The notification and order are assigned to one another. can they be processed together?
Where can you maintain the data for the first operation in an order?
On the order header screen
What happens when you put a service order in process?
The order receives the system status released and the shop papers are printed.
What is the minimum scope processing steps of a service order?
1. Service notification
2. Service order
3. Operation
4. Service order in process
5. Confirmations
6. Order competion
7. Billing request
8. Billing document
How is a service order structured?
1. Order header
2. Operations
3 Sub-operations
4. Components - assigned to each operation
5. PRT's
6. Cost overview
7. Partner overview - responsible employees
8. Object list
What are the different order creation options?
1. Direct entry
2. Generate a service order from a service notification
3. Create for an existing notification
4. Combine several notifications in one order
5. Generate from a sales order item
6. Automatically generate the order from a maintenance item
What does the service order type control?
Whether the service order is revenue-bearing or not
What are the different service order types?
SM01: Service order with assignemtn to a sales order item (non-revenue bearing)

SM02: Service order without assignment to a sales item (revenue bearing)

SM03: Service order for returns and repair processing (non-revenue bearing)
What is the value flow in a service order that is revenue bearing?
1. When posting confirmations,costs are posted to the service order

2. If a billing document is created for a service order that is a revenue object, revenues are posted to the service order

3. The result of the service order that is revenue bearing is the difference between the revenues and the costs

4. The result is charged to the settlement receiver of the service order and is a result object from profitability analysis (example).
What is the value flow in a service order that is not revenue-bearing?
1. When posting confirmations, costs are posted to teh service order
2. If there is a billing document, revenues are posted directly to the superior sales document item
3. Costs are charged to the superior sales document item during the settlement of the service order
4. The result can be analyzed on the sales document level
5. When the sales document is settled, the result is charged to the settlement receiver
What is the external customer service process flow?
1.External operation
2. Purchase requisition
3. PO
4. Order release
5. Goods receipt
6. Invoice receipt
Where are purchased order items assigned to in external customer service?
To the account for the service order which is debited for the costs
Does the system display PR's and PO's in the document flow of an external customer service order?
When can goods receipts be entered with reference to the PO's?
As soon as the order is released.
When valuated goods receipts for external services are entered what happens to the service order?
It gets debited with the order value.
When will the service order be automatically credited or debited after a goods receipt?
When invoicing differences occur.
When an external operation for services are entered in a service order, what is created for the operation?
Service specifications
What do service specifications consist of?
One or more service numbers with information on the service quantity or from text items.
Depending on the order type, what does the system generate when you save or release a service order for external operations?
One or more PR's
In purchasing, for external services, what is generated from the PR?
Service purchase orders
When you have an external service order, what account are purchase order items assigned to and what is debited witht he costs of the procurement process?
To the account for the service order as well as being debited by the service order.
How are services performed entered in the system for an external service order with specification?
In the function service entry using service entry sheets.
When is an external service order, with specification, debited witht he order value?
When the services performed have been accepted
When is a service order automatically credited or debited with invoicing differences?
On the invoice receipt
What happens when you perform the function "put in process?"
Shop papers can be printed and the order is released and saved at the same time.
What can only be executed after the order has been released?
1. Prinitng of shop papers
2. Posting costs to the order
3. Time confirmations
4. Material withdrawals
5. Goods receipt posting
6. And so on
depending on the settings for the order type, what can you check for as far as capacity, materials, and PRT's when you release an order?
What kind of rule can also be automatically defined when an order is released?
A settlement rule containig the details of the settlement receiver
What can be posted by technicians in the order confirmation step?
Hours worked
How are services Performed by a third-party documented?
As goods receipts or as service entry sheets depending on the type of PO.
How are activities performed described for an order?
In one or more notifications for the order.
How are object changes documented?
As changes to the master data for the corresponding technical objects.
Where are measurement values and counter reading entered?s
In the form of measurement documents for the technical object.
How is the confirmation of internal services, material withdrawals, notification data, and measurement documents on one screen possible?
Using the "overall completion confirmation" function.
What can you do in the travel expenses component?
You can enter travel expenses and assign them to the service order so the customer may be charged.
Before a billing request is created what items are modified to determine what the billing request should look like?
Dynamic items from the information about the expenses involved.
What are the two summarization levels of dynamic items in the billing overview screen?
1. First-level - summarizes the data
2. Second-level - The system generates a billing request using the data (detailed)
What is the billing request?
A special form of sales order and forms the basis of the billing document.
What types of processing can be used for a billing request?
Single or collective processing
What functions are available to you for creating billing documents?
1. Create billing document
2. Process billing due list
3. Batch billing
What is settlement?
Further allocation of costs and revenues for an order to the settlement receiver.
Are manual changes to the settlement rule possible?
What are the pre-requisites for the settlement of a service order?
1. The order must be released
2. A settlement rule must exist
3. The order must contain costs or revenues that have not yet been settled
What determines which settlement receiver types are possible and which will be proposed as a default?
The order type
What is a profitability segment?
A combination of account assignment features, such as company code, sales organzization, division, customer, and article that is used in profitability analysis (CO-PA).
What are the two views for costs and revenues?
By value category and by cost element
What is shown in the value category overview?
Estimated, planned, and actual costs as well as quantities.
How are planned and acual costs determined?
Planned costs are determined according to the planing datat for the order and actual costs are determined by completion confirmations and other cost posting to the order.
What do actual revenues result from?
The creation of billing documents for the order.