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Can i have a pork
Would you like that in salad sanwhich or full roast
how would you like that
I would like a pork/beef/chicken sandwhich
What would you like in you salad some leaves to start with?
Anything else in you salad
What goes on the prok?
apple sauce or mustard
Which bread do you have
Plain seeded white granary baps white brown or granery bread
what goes with beef
butter or horse radish and mustard
WHta goes with lamb
Mint sauce and redcurrent jelly
What goes with turkey
cranberry sauce
think thanks giveing
what goes with chicken
sweet chili jam
What would you like in you sandwhich
some stuffing
roast veg
yorkshire pudding
roast potatoes
dash of gravy
would you like some salad
lettice tomato cucumber
what does crackling go with
pork sandwhich