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Surtido de Queso
Assortment of artisan cow, goat, and
sheep’s milk cheeses with crackers,
crispy lavash, quince preserves and
Spanish olives 12.75
Ask your TapaSpecialist for details.
Anchoa Blanca con Alcaparras
Spanish marinated premium white anchovies with capers, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and parsley 6.75
Assorted Spanish olives in
extra virgin olive oil 4.95
Aceitunas Dulces y Picantes
Sweet and spicy marinated Spanish olives in extra virgin olive oil 4.95
Atun en Romesco
Marinated tuna in romesco with
roasted red peppers, garlic, olives and extra virgin olive oil 5.75
Tapenade de España
Roasted pequillo peppers, herb goat cheese, and garlic basil relish on grilled bread 6.25
Pan a la Plancha con Tomate
Grilled bread rubbed with fresh ripe tomato, roasted garlic and olive oil 3.55
y Queso Manchego
Sliced manchego cheese layered on the tomato bread add 2.95
y Jamón Serrano
Shaved serrano ham layered on the tomato bread add 3.85
Baba Ghannouge
Roasted eggplant, tahini, and olive oil topped with preserved lemons and garnished
with onion, kalamata olives and tomato 5.25
Hommous Burtuqal
Spicy hommous of garbanzo beans, tahini, garlic and orange zest, garnished with preserved lemon, onion,
kalamata olives and tomato 5.25
Turlu Turlu
Moroccan fresh-roasted peppers, eggplant and zucchini in a tomato sauce with mint
carrot and garbanzo bean mash 5.75
Waraq¨ Áinab
Rice and vegetable stuffed grape leaves with honey harissa and grilled pita 6.95
Mezze Platter
Baba ghannouge, hommous,
tabbouleh, and turlu turlu.
A great starter for
2 - 4 people 12.95
Plato de Jamón, Salchicha y Queso
Traditional Spanish serrano ham, sausages, sheep’s milk cheese, cabrales, roma tomatoes, authentic Spanish
olives, and relishes 13.95
Our breads are delicious and, as in the Mediterranean, double as eating utensils.
So lose the silverware and pair breads with your favorite Mezze or Tapas. Have a family style ethnic experience.
Khbuz Bayt
Our four freshly baked herbed focaccia breads served with honey tomato harissa, mango butter, and Mezze hommous 5.25
Khbuz Zahtar
House made sesame and spice cracker 1.95
Khbuz Griddle
Freshly baked flat bread,
grilled hot to order 1.95
Sámak bil Khbuz
Sashimi grade raw tuna* layered on a crisp house made sesame cracker, drizzled with harissa, tzatziki, scallions
and preserved lemon 9.95
Lahmet Haruf bil Khbuz
Freshly baked herbed focaccia, herbed sliced lamb, horseradish alioli, manchego
cheese, spicy onions, kalamata olives, diced tomato, and red onion 8.95
Jibna bil Khbuz
Freshly baked herbed focaccia topped with zaalouk, herbed goat cheese, onions, tomato, kalamata olives and artichoke hearts 7.75
Lomo de Cordero Asado
Herb crusted lamb loin* roasted medium rare, spicy onions, sundried tomato raspberry vinaigrette, and
spicy red pepper flakes 10.75
Ostra y Gazpacho con Vodka
Oyster, gazpacho, Ketel One vodka shooter. Order by the each 7.75
Hommous de Hierbas
Herb hommous, crispy lavash bread points, grilled sherry vegetables, spinach, and tomato vinaigrette 6.95
Salmón Ahumado
Smoked salmon fillet over a creamy dill and fresh cucumber salad 10.25
Tortilla Española
Classic traditional Spanish egg dish with potato, onion and sherry. Served chilled with garlic oil and pimientos. Made with Eggland’s Best Eggs. 6.50
Atún en Escabeche
Herbed seared raw tuna*, marinated carrot & leek ribbons, spicy mango purée and chimichurri 9.95
Solomillo de Pavo al Horno
Roasted turkey tenderloin, mango
chutney and curry mayonnaise 6.95
Salmón Curado Ahumado
Cold smoked salmon lox garnished with hard boiled eggs, capers, onions,
roasted red peppers, marinated roma tomatoes, and garlic toast 9.50
Saláta Bayt
Organic greens, cucumber, tomato, onion, kalamata olives, feta cheese, rice wine vinaigrette 7.25
Classic Mediterranean bread salad with organic greens, feta cheese, tomato, onion, whole roasted garlic, and roasted red peppers tossed in
rice wine vinaigrette 7.95
Add Roasted Chicken 8.95
Traditional Mediterranean salad of chopped parsley, mint and wheat berries served with pita and garnished with onion,
kalamata olives and tomato 5.75
Ádas Harira
Classic Moroccan Chickpea soup
with a curried lentil twist 4.95
Classic Brazilian Stew. Smoked
pork, sausage, black beans, and
habanero salsa in a rich broth
garnished with orange 5.95
Gazpacho Andaluz
Tomato, cucumber, peppers,
onion, garlic 4.25
Gazpacho de Frutas Frescas
Chilled fruit soup, dried cherries, fresh mango and cinnamon 4.50
Sopa del Dia
available Mon - Fri
Chef’s soup selection 4.95
Ensalada de Casa con Mango
Mixed organic greens, sweet and
sour mango dressing, pimientos,
manchego cheese, red onions 7.25
Ensalada de Espinaca
Fresh organic spinach topped with grilled artichokes, roasted red peppers and fried chick peas with a cabrales
cheese dressing 8.50
Ensalada Amanida
Classic Catalonian salad of chorizo, linguiça, Serrano ham, Spanish olives, sundried tomato, and manchego cheese tossed with sherry vinaigrette, layered on
organic field greens 9.95
Ensalada de Corazones de Palmera
Hearts of palm salad with organic greens, fresh Roma tomatoes, tomato vinaigrette and an avocado and leek cream 8.50
Ensalada Mixta de Cerdo
Warm shaved pork loin, goat
cheese, red onion, almonds, dried cherries and citrus mojo layered upon organic lettuces 8.95
Pollo Frito con Fideos
Crispy hand breaded chicken
breast, pasta, shredded manchego, mixed organic greens, sweet and sour mango dressing and a chopped olive, caper, onion, and sun-dried tomato relish 9.95
Ensalada de Pollo y Curry
Curried chicken salad with Chilean grapes, mango chutney, onion, and organic field greens 8.95