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Top general of the warlord Takeda is _____.
Lord Akiyama Nobutomo
The main character of this book is ______ (give adult and childhood name).
Murakami Harutomo/Taro
The father of the top general of Takeda Shingen is _____.
Lord Akiyama Nobutora.
The girl that the main character of this book falls in love with is ___________.
The son who rebels against his father and is killed is _________.
Takeda Yoshinobu.
The mother of the son who rebels against his father and is killed is ________.
Lady Sanjo
The man who cooks for Lord Akiyama's servants and becomes Taro's first father figure is_______.
Taro's family name is __________.
The warlord whose soldiers kiled Taro's family is _______.
Takeda Shingen
The widow whom Akiyama marries is ________.
Lady Toyoma
The elderly samurai in charge of Lord Akiyama's baggage train is ____________.
Wada Kansuke
The renowned samurai who is badly wounded by Harutomo is ______________.
Hanagata Mibu
The top general whom Hanagata Mibu served and that supported the rebelling of Yoshinobu is _________.
Lord Obu
The servant girl who hides from the soldiers in the begining of the book is ______.
Taro's best friend is ____________.
The son of Lord Takeda's mistress, that becomes warlord when his father dies is ____________. (Child name also)
Takeda Shingen
Childhood name: "Wakatono" Shiro
Lord Takeda's mistress is __________.
Lady Suwa
The warlord whom Taro's father served is _________.
Uesugi Kenshin
The warlordwhom is Takeda's top rival is ___________.
Lord Oda Nobunaga
The son of Lord Takeda's top rival is ____________.
Oda Nobutada
The wealthy, highly placed samurai who makes plans for Taro to become his son-in-law and adopted son is _______.
Lord Zakoji
Taro's servant is _______.
The name of the warlord that finally brought Japan under one rule is __________.
Tokugawa Feyasu