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Forty-Seven Ronin Incident (come back to this)
Oda Nabunaga

first unifier.
disposes Ashikaga Yoshiaki, last shogunate of Muramachi; whom he helps install in first place.
ends muromachi period
killed by his own vassal
1932: Japanese puppet-state. Pu-Yi emperor head of state
San Kin Kotai
Mandatory alternate residence. Set by Tokugawa Iemitsu.
Mishima Yukio
1970: commits ritual disembowelment after failing to take control of Self-Defence Forces and rouse its soldiers to take action to save Japan. "Long live His Majesty, the Emporor"
Phaeton Incident
1808 British warship enters Nagasaki, takes two dutch prisoners. Shogunate fears western encroachment even more
Toyotomi Hideyoshi
avenges Oda Nobunaga's death
becomes 2nd unifier

2policies =
1. land surveys with peasants as primary cultivators; pay tax to village
2. peasants can't carry swords

constantly tried to invade Korea
Genroku Era
1688-1704: Cultural flowering: golden age of kabuki and bunraku
Satsuma and Choshu
pro-imperial samurai forces try to gain control of Imperial court. Tokugawa gov tries to punish them, but fail
Battle of Osaka
Tokugawa attacks the Osaka castle, toyomori hideyoshi's fortress, and destroy all opposition
Tokugawa Period
1600-1868. Tokugawa Ieyasu defeats coalition of daimyo who claim loyalty to Toyomori family
Taisho Period
Showa Period
1912-1926: Yoshihito
1926-1989: Hirohito
Boshin War
1868-69: Tokugawa forces try to regain power

White Tiger Battalion, Written after the Revolt
Sino-Japanese War
1894-95: Treaty of Shimonoseki
:China recognizes the independecne of Korea, Japan gains Taiwan
:General Nogi Maresuke, gained fame for rapid conquest of Liaodong.
Meiji era changes
1. Samurai dividied into two ranks: Shizoku and Sotsu. stipend reduced. Soon can't carry swords
2. Domains converted into Prefectures. Daimyos move out of Tokyo
3. Samurai stipends taxed; actually had to fight
Meiji Era
Miji period: restoration of imperial rule. Emperor head of state.
Capital moved to Edo: renamed Tokyo
Nitobe Inazo
author of Bushido: The Sould of Japan
Tokugawa Ieyasu
in charge of Hideyoshi's successor, however, usurps his power in the Battle of Sekigahara.

Starts the Tokugawa bakufu, headquarters in Edo
Russo Japanese War
1904-1905: Treaty of Portsmouth concludes hostilities. Russia recongniqes Japan's interests in Korea
Nogi Maresuke
famous for gaining rapid conquest of Liaodong Peninsula and Port author during the Sino-Japanese War

also successful during Russo-Japanese War

committed junshi with wife when Meiji Emperor died
Morrison Incident
USA ships carrying Japanese castaways fired upon