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This was the planned interior city which became the capitol of Brazil in 1960
This man led Argentina from 1946-1955 and again from 1973-1976
Juan Peron
This organization of American states was founded in 1948
Latin America democracy
These are major mexican manufacturing and assembly plants near the U.S. border
This was the site of an attempted 1961 invasion of Cuba by U.S.-backed forces
Bay of Pigs
This is a major south American free trade agreement
This is a general name for large commerical farms owned by major coorperations
This man ws an El Salvadorian cathloic archbishop who spoke out against opression
Oscar Romero
This man was a U.S. backed Chilean military dictator from 1973-1990
General August Pinochet
This is the concept of replacing foreign goods with ones made domestically
Import Substitution
In Argentina young men taken from their homes and became known as the desaparecidos which meant what?
They Dissapeared
This man led the fight for racial equality and mulit racial elections in South Africa
Nelson Mandela
This man was the Nicoraguan leader of the Sandinista faction during the 1980's
Daniel Ortega
Tanzania's expierment with socialism was best summed in this word meaning mutual agreement
He was chilean socialist leader elected in 1970 but overthrown in 1973
Salvatore Allende
This was the name given to Argentina's secret campaign of terror against it's citizens
Dirty War
THis is the name given to the Mexican peaseant cooperative farms
This cuban leader from 1959 present led that nations communist revolution.
Fidel Castro
This Haitian leader was knowk as Papa doc and led haiti from 1957-1971
Dr. Francois Duvallier
This man served as the leader of cuba from 1933-1959 but was over thrown by communists
Fulgunico Batista
This nations leader was lelected in 1990 and restored power in 1994 thanks to American Military
Juon Peron's first wife, whe was born into poverty and gained fame as an actress
Eva Peron
It is considered to be the largest city in the world with over 30 million people living there
Mexico City
It's the largest nation in the western hemisphere that does not speak english
This was a 1960's program of aid to latin america fromt the U.S
Alliance for Progress