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Largest salivary gland?
Parotid gland
Where does the duct of the parotid gland open?
Opposite Max 2nd molar
Where does duct of submandibular gland open?
Sublingual caruncle
Smallest of major salivary glands?
Sublingual glands
Sublingual glands open into floor of mouth via?
Many small ducts & at sublingual caruncle
Minor salivary glands are present throughout oral mucosa EXCEPT?
Anterior palate & gingiva
Minor salivary glands are what type of glands?
Mostly mucus
-Except tongue: von Ebner's glands
Salivary glands arise from?
Oral epithelium (ectoderm)
Secretory end pieces of salivary glands are known as?
What is the function of acini?
Secrete primary saliva into common lumen
Serous cells produce?
Fluid rich in proteins & glycoproteins
Serous acini & cell shape?
Serous acini = spherical
cells = pyramidal
Secretory granules of serous cells are located?
What membrane modifications are present on serous cells? (5)
1. Short microvilli
2. Lateral interdigitations
3. Basal infolding - increease SA
4. Junctional complexes, hemidesmosomes, gap junctions
5. Intercellular caniculi- finger like projectsions of lumen
Mucous cells produce?
Mucins = glycoproteins
Secretory end pieces of mucous cells are what shape?
Mucous acini are sometimes associated with?
Serous demilunes
Large quantities of mucins are located where in the mucous cell?
Which cells lack intercellular caniliculi?
Mucous cells
Myoepithelial cells are contractile cells similar to smooth muscle but are derived from?
Myoepithelial cells --> epithelium (ectoderm)

Smooth muscle cells --> mesenchyme (mesoderm)
Myoepithelial cells are found where?
Surround acini & intercalated ducts
Between basal lamina & secretory cells or ducts
Myoepithelial cells are attached by?
What are the roles of myoepithelial cells?
1. Support secretory cells
2. Maintain duct patency
3. Signal to acinar cells
4. Tumor suppressor activity?
Intercalated ducts begin?
Within acinus
What receives primary salivary from secretory cells?
Intercalated ducts
Intercalated ducts are lined by?
Simple cuboidal epithelial cells
What do intercalated ducts add to saliva? (2)
1. Lysozyme
2. Lactoferrin
What receives primary saliva from intercalated ducts?
Striated ducts
What forms a major portion of the duct system?
Striated ducts
Striated ducts have what type of cells?
Columnar cells
Basal striations of striated ducts are due to?
Mitochondria & membrane infoldings
What ducts are located in CT septa between lobules?
Excretory ducts
Tuft cells w/ long stiff microvilli & apical vesicles are found?
Excetory ducts
Glands are surrounded by?
Divide glands into lobes & lobules
Transmit blood vessels, nerves & excretory ducts
What type of cells are found in CT of glands? (7)
1. Fibroblasts
2. Macrophages
3. Dendritic cells
4. Mast cells
5. Plasma cells (IgA)
6. Adipose cells
7. granulocytes/lymphocytes
Preganglionic parasympathetics come from what nuclei?
Superior & inferior salvitory nuclei
Preganglionic parasympathetics run w/ which nerves?
Submandibular & sublingual -- VII
Parotid IX
Postganglionic parasympathetics synapse in?
Submandibular or otic ganglion
Which nerves do postganglionic parasympathetics run w/?
Lingual or auriculotemporal
What is action of substance P & VIP?
Induce secretion-- modulate effects of Ach & norepi, might affect bloodflow
What is the action of neuropeptide Y & CGRP?
Regulate blood flow
Which salivary gland is pure serous?
Parotid gland
Which salivary gland has fat cells between acini, numerous long intercalated ducts & numerous striated ducts?
Parotid gland
Which salivary gland is mixed but mostly serous?
Which salivary gland is mixed but mostly mucous?
Minor salivary glands are mostly what type of gland?
What type of glands are located on tongue associated w/ circumvallate papilla?
von Ebner's glands
Primary saliva is ____tonic?
What happens w/ the macromolecular components of primary saliva? (4)
1. Modified, condensed & packaged by Golgi
2. Stored in secretory granules in apical part
3. When stimulated fuse w/ apical membrane & released by exocytosis
Saliva is modified by?
Duct cells
What happens to Na & Cl during modification of saliva?
Na & Cl are reabsorbed
What is secreted into saliva during modification?
K & HCO3
Diseases that infect & replicated within salivary glands? (5)
1. CMV
2. EBV
3. Herpes 6 & 7
4. Mumps
5. Bacterial infections