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What part of the boat is this?
the body of the boat
What is the job of the keel?
provides stability through its weight.
they are traditionally heavy.
What kind of boats use a movable keel?
they are small
What's the name of moveable keels found in dinghies?
a centreboard or a daggerboard
think "middle" or "big knife"
What controls the rudder in a dinghy?
the tiller
you __ the soil...
What is the name of the person who steers the boat (rudder)?
the helmsman
he is at the .... of the company...
It is comprised of the mast, boom and sail(s)
The rig
a big truck?
What is the rig's job?
To harness the wind and convert its force into drive to push the boat forward.
think about what happens in sailing...
What is the name of the system of wires that support the mast?
Standing rigging.
you don't find this on small dinghies.
What is the name of the ropes that hoist and control the sails?
running rigging.
walk very very fast?
What are the pullyes and pully systems knows as?
Blocks and tackles
you used them as a child to make houses; used in American football to get the ball.
Name for the left side of the boat?
a good brandy?
Name for the back of the boat?
how a strict teacher might be?
What's the flat end at the stern?
it rhymes with what you pay a kidnapper.
In small boats the length of wood or aluminium used to control the angle of the rudder.
the tiller
used to plow fields?
The large triagular sail set behind the mast.
like the number one street in a city, for example.
A triangular sail at the front of the boat- attached to the bow and hoisted in front of the mast.
--- jab is a good video site online.
A wire that runs from the bow to the mast to support the mast.
dört beklemek
the upright pole that supports the sails
not the light fog
wires on the port and starbord sides that support the mast
he was -----ed in mystery..rhymes with those fluffy things in the sky
horizontal pole to which the foot of the mainsail is attached
the sound a bomb makes
What part of the boat is this?
the mast
What part of the boat is this?
They are used to hoist the sails; they exit the mast near the bottom.
The rope used to pull in or let out the mainsail.
the principle covering in your bed?
Parts of the Sail- top corner
the top part of your body
Parts of the Sail- aft edge
used to suck blood by ancient doctors
Parts of the Sail- bottom forward corner
you don't want to sit on one of these
Parts of the Sail- front leading edge
rhymes with tough
Parts of the Sail- the bottom edge
the thing you walk on
Parts of the Sail- the bottom aft corner
rhymes with few
Parts of the Sail- additional curved area on the leech outside a straight line from head to clew
a bug you don't want to find in your house.
Rope that adjusts tension in the mainsail foot
The right-hand side of the boat when facing the bow.
Away from the wind, downwind
Towards the wind, upwind
behind the boat
in front of the boat