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Privileges of Membership: TO have contact...
To have contact with musicians all over the United States.
Privileges of Membership: To make friendships...
To make friendships with many SAI who share the same ideals
Privileges of Membership: To be recognized...
To be recognized and esteemed by members of all other national fraternities as a "fellow greek".
Privileges of Membership: To be encourage...
To be encourage to seek the highest goals in personal development and professional stature.
Privileges of Membership: To wear the badge...
To wear the badge as an introducion to all SAI college and alumnae chapters everywhere.
Privileges of Membership: To have oppintunity...
To have oppintunity at Province Days and National Conventions to broaden friendships to include members from other chapters.
Privileges of Membership: To belong...
To belong to a closely-knit organization whose provance and national officers visit chapters to bring assistance and stimulate maintance of the fraternity's high standards of musicianship and scholarship, and acquaintance with the broad scope of the fraternity.
Privileges of Membership: To find oppintunities..
To find oppinunites for leadership training in the chapter guided by national polices and instructional materials.
Privileges of Membership: To meet...
To meet and know the nationally recognized musicians and supporters of music who are honorary members.
Privileges of Membership: To participate...
To participate in fraternity projects - scholarships, promotion of American music through the inter-American music program, assistance in rehabilitiation through music bother in this country and in foreign countries, and other nationally organized and recognized endevoers of SAI.