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Should you wear goggles when glasswear is being used?
Yes, you should wear goggles when heat, glass, or chemicals are being used
When someone gets hurt what do yout do?
Immediatly tell the teacher even if you think it's very minor, if they are hurt yell out code 1!!
If a chemical spills in your eye, how long should you wash your eye out at the eyewasher?
For 20 min
How should you carry glass tubing?
Verticly to minimize breakage or injury
When a contfainer is being heated never...
look directly into it
How do you determine if an object is hot?
Bring the back of your hand close to it
Name 7 safety rules
*any rule
If you don't understand directions..
read through them then ask instructor for help
Before entering the lab...
Make sure you have read through the lab
horseplay, jokes, and pranks
Will your teacher give you extra credit for doing a lab not given?
NONE never do one that's not instructed
Know where...
the first aid, eyewash station, safety shower, fire extinguisher, and the fire blanket is
Always wear...
goggles and lab aprons
When should you not do a lab?
When an instructor is not present
Work areas should be...
cean n tidy at all times
Never mix chemicals...
in a sink, put chemicals and solids in a garbage can
Before using chemicals...
read the labels very carefully
When using chemicals..
don't touch your face eyes or mouth. Wash your hands after use, and clean work surface area.
When doing a lab...
don't wander around the room or distract other students
Never enter the..
storage rooms unless given permission from the teacher
If a fire drill happens...
close all containers, turn valves off, and turn off all electrical equipment
If a thermometer is broken...
dont touch the mercury and tell a teacher
If you have left over chemicals dont
return them to the original containers
How do you fill a pipette?
use a rubber bulb or pippette pump
When using acid..
always add acid to water and stir, be careful of the heat given off
Handle flammable liquids..
over a pan, never put it anywher near an open flame or soarce of heat
What should you do when glass is broken?
Use a dustpan and dispose in a proper container, never pick it up with your hands
When insurting & removing glass tubing from rubber stoppers..
lubricate glasswear, protect your hands with towels or gloves- if it becomes frozen, take it to instructor for removal
Don't imerse hot glasswhere..
in cold water, it could shatter
When you use a gas burner, don't ..
stuick anything in it..unless instructed to do so---- don't leave flame unattended