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The object of the safety program is to?
enhance operational readiness by reducing the number of deaths and injuries to personnel and losses and damage to material
from accidental cause.
Mishaps are what events. However, the potential for a mishap is what.
Investigate each mishap when?
everytime. no matter how minor, to determine its cause
three kinds of safety observations:
occurs when you notice safety hazards without deliberately
taking time to look for them.
incidental safety observation
you intentionally pause in whatever you are doing to see if a person does some part of a job safely. You watch
strictly from a safety standpoint.
is when you
deliberately schedule a time to watch for safety
violations by a person performing a specific job.
job safety analysis (JSA) is the study of a job to
1) identify possible hazards or potential mishaps
(2) develop solutions to eliminate, nullify, or prevent them.
The basic principles
of mishap prevention are?
(1) to spot potential
mishap causes.
(2) eliminate potential mishap
Four basic steps of a JSA are?
1. Select the job to be analyzed.
2. Break down the job into steps.
3. Identify the hazards or potential mishaps.
4. Develop solutions to prevent hazards or
potential mishaps.
OPNAV 5100/14
Workplace Monitoring Plan
Enlisted Safety Committee meets every?
Comprises the Safety Commitee.
1. Command safety officer (senior member)
2. Division safety petty officer
3. Chief master-at-arms
4. Recorder
specifically addresses the maintenance of safe and healthful conditions in the work place.
NAVOSH Program
Designated program manager for respiratory protection.
safety officer
gasfree engineering officer.
remove air contaminants by filtering or absorbing them as the air passes through the
air-purifying respirators
is used when
insufficient oxygen is present, when the contaminant
has no odor, or when the contaminant is of such high
concentration or toxicity that a cartridge filter is
supplied-air respirator
immediately dangerous to life or health situations
If your personnel must work in hazardous
noise areas or with equipment that produces sound levels greater than 84 dB or peak sound pressure levels of 140 dB, you should
enter them in a hearing
testing program
To compute heat stress surveys
use a wet bulb
globe temperature index (WBGT) meter.
Once documented, compute the stay time by using the
six physiological heat exposure limit (PHEL) curves
Light work
Heavy work
How many hours of recovery for 1 hour of work?
2 (4 max)
specify the number of logs various ship classes must maintain and the areas in which the ship will maintain them?
force commanders
The key to survival is your
Navy Regulations and article IV of the Code of Conduct give
the senior person in a survival situation the authority to take charge.
directs that you begin planning your escape the minute you are taken prisoner.
Code of Conduct
Just remember the basic elements of survival
represented by each letter in the word S-U-R-V-I-V-A-L
S—Size up the situation
U—Undue haste makes waste.
R—Remember where you and your group are.
V—Vanquish fear and panic.
V—Value living
A—Act like the local populace
L—Learn basic skills.