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General weliding safety precautions are provided in what Naval ships tech. manual?
Of all safety pubs. published by different commands which pub. gives the most accurate info currently available on the subject of shipboard prevention?
A warning sign is a combo of what colors?
red and white
A caution sign is a combo of what colors?
Yellow and Black
A warning sign should be placed on all equipment capable of emmitting noise in excess of what decible level?
84 db
Safety lanes in a shop are marked using what type of marking?
continuous 3 inch white line
Operator caution area are marked using what type of marking?
continuous 3 inch yellow line.
The use of tags and labels can be substituted for safety by locking the valve or removing the fuses. T/F?
False tags and labels may never be substituted
Machinery installed in a work center will have the operator work area painted what color?
What are the A. Letters and B. Background of the eye hazard sign?
A. Black and B. Yellow.
When using a drill press to bore a whole what is the best way to remove metal chips?
with a brush.
When using a pneumatic tool the air pressure should never exceed what maximum level?
90 PSI
When operating the brake press where if anywhere should your hands be on the plate?
What factors should you consider when operating a piece of shop equipment?
When using a power tool that is com=nnected to an extension cord what is the proper sequence for disconnecting the tool from the power source?
Disconnect the extension cord from the receptacle, then the power tool from the extension cord.
What should you review prior to using a chemical agent?
After wipoing down an area with a solvent where should you dispose of the rag?
In a container designed for flammable material.
If you mix the catalyst and accelerator of a polyester resin directly together what could happen.
an explosion.
At what decible should you wear double hearing protection?
When welding if you start to see white spots what has happened?
you have been flash burned
When arc welding what should you always remove drom your pockets?
matches and lighters.
What shade of lense should you use when arc welding?
10 or 12
When welding how should you select the proper shade of lense?
the darkest shade possible to still see the outline of the work.
What toxic fumes are given off by the brazing process?
cadmium, beryllium, and fluoride
A wound that is tor with ragged edges is classified as what type of wound?
Before any welding brazing or cutting operation is done you should make sure what has been done to the space?
Gas freed
In first aid what is the best method to stop bleeding?
apply direct pressure
Severe pain and blisters are symptoms of what type of burn?
Second degree
A heat stress survey should be conducted when the space temp reaches what level?
100 degrees
Work done on a ship that restores the ship to original serviceable condition without changing the design or configuration is known by what term?
Alterations to the hull, machinery, or fittings that change the design are classified as what type of alteration?
Value of pi
What material adds more weight to the finished structure if used? Copper nickel or steel?
Copper nickel
What structural member of a ship is I-beam in shape and makes up the backbone of a ship?
The keel
What type of ship frame extends from the keel up to the main deck and defines the form of the ship?
Longitudinal frames that are cut and thereby weakened to permit intersection with other frames are known by what term?
Intercostal frames
During an IMA period to repair the ship what type of work can you expect to be accomplished by the repair facility.
Any job listed on the CSMP as determined by the CO
Once the ship submits the 2 kilo for a work request what form is generated and sent to the IMA ?
AWR (automated work request)
At an IMA what person is responsible for interfacing with the tended ship and knowing the status of all jobs?
The ship superintendant
What person is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all work meets technical specifications?
The QA inspector
The Admin part of the QA program consists of what part?
Monitoring programs
The senior quality control inspector is responsible for?
Inspecting all work for conformance to specifications.
Modern ships have plating laid over the top of the bottom framing to form spaces for voids and tanks what type of construction is this known as?
double hull construction
What component is used on bulkheads to prevent bending and bulging?
The edge where two strakes are welded together is known by what term?
Which deck on modern navy ships is known as the uppermost strength deck?
The deck that completes the the enclosure of the box girder and runs continually forward to aft.
The outboard strake of deck plating that connects with the shell plating is known by what term?
Stringer strake.
What structural members reinforce the deck transverses and support some of the load of the decks?
What structural members extend forward to aft and athwartship to provide comaprtmentation to the interior of the ship?
Bulkheads consist of plating and are reinforced by what structural member?
Bulkhead stiffners.