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Definition: (n) a violent stirring or movement; noisy confusion, excitement, a stirring up of public enthusiasm

Example: The agitation for campaign finance reform was gaining widespread support in Congress.

Synonyms: disquiet, uneasiness, upset

Antonyms: peace of mind, composure, calm
Definition: (verb) to say suddenly or without thinking

Example: The detective was fairly certain that after hours of interrogation, the suspect would blurt out the truth.

Synonyms: blab, let slip
Definition: (adj) arranged in order of time of occurrence

Example: The importance of a time line is that it arranges historical events in chronological order.

Synonyms: in time sequence, consecutive
Definition: (n) a face, facial expression
(v) to tolerate or approve

Example: (n) The teacher’s smiling countenance reassured us that the rehersal was going well.
(v) The new boss does not countenance lateness or absenteeism.

Synonyms: (v) support, condone
Antonym: (v) disapprove of
Definition: (v) to make or become smaller, reduce in size

Example: It takes no time at all for a fad to diminish in popularity.

S – lessen, decrease, dwindle
A – increase, enlarge, augment
Definition: (v) to please greatly, to charm, put under a magic spell

The singer proceeded to enchant the audience with her beautiful voice and engaging style.

S - delight, thrill, bewitch
A – bore, nauseate, disgust
Definition: (v) to bring up, give care to, to promote, encourage
(adj) in the same family but not related by birth

The American ambassador worked to foster positive relations with the newly formed republic.
It is important for foster children to be placed with loving families.
S (v) – support, nurture, cultivate
A (v) - stifle, smother, quash, discourage
Definition: (v) to change continually, to move up and down

Stock prices fluctuate daily.

S – waver, seesaw, oscillate
A- stay put, remain unchanged
Definition: (v) to humble oneself, act in a fearful and servile way, to lie face downward, to indulge in something base or unworthy

Example: Afraid of punishment, the Roman slave began to grovel at the feet of the emperor.

Synonyms: crouch, cower, cringe, wallow
Definition: (n) work done by hand, a trade requiring hand skill

Example: Making applehead dolls is a handicraft still enjoyed in the Arkansas River Valley, among other places.

Synonyms: handiwork, manual art
Definition: (adj) extremely funny, causing loud amusement.

The comedian told a hilarious story that had the audience laughing histerically.

S – highly amusing, side-splitting
A – boring, dull, humorless, heartrending
Definition: (v) to set on fire, cause to burn, to heat up, excite

We used lighter fluid to ignite the charcoal in the outdoor grill.

S – inflame, light, kindle
A – quench, extinguish, douse, put out
Definition: (adj) large and heavy; great in size or scope

A massive boulder still blocks the entrance to the secret cave.

S – bulky, huge, immense, monumental
A – flimsy, frail, thin
Definition: (n) the great size or importance of something

At first the magnitude of the task seems to be overwhelming for a group as small as ours.

S – extent, immensity, enormity
A – smallness, unimportance, insignificance
Definition: (v) to lose in interest, attraction, or effectiveness, to become tiresome
(n) a dark covering, something that conceals.

The archaeologist’s optimism began to pall when the first excavation yielded only pieces of pottery.
News of the surprise attack on Peral Harbor cast a pall over the nation on Dec 7tth , 1941.
S – (v) bore, weary; (n) gloom, shadow
A – (v) intrigue, fascinate; (v) light, brightness
Definition: of or like a mother

The kittens’ mother took her maternal responsibilities very seriously.

S – motherly, protective, sympathetic
A – fatherly, paternal
Definition: (v) to love and respect deeply, honor greatly

The elderly teacher was revered by a whole generation of students.

S – admire, esteem, cherish
A – scorn, disdain, mock, deride
Definition: (adj) well thought of, having a good reputation.

A list of reputable lawyers is available through the local bar association.

S – reliable, respectable, trustworthy
A –shady, unsavory, questionable
Definition(adj) – dull, boring, old fashioned, hidebound, lumpy, thick

The stodgy politician showed little inclination to listen to the speeches of junior senators.

S – stuffy, tiresome, blah
A –forward-looking, avant-garde, progressive
Definition (n) – a narrative of heroic exploits; a long detailed account.

Although written in Old English, BEOWULF is very much like a Norse saga in that it details the colorful deeds of a legendary hero.

S – heroic tale, epic, chronicle