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Involves a public action such as tailgating/singing the national anthem at a football game.
Essay 1: What are the 4 motes to understanding
1. reductionism
Reductionism deals with the problem of them being reduced to words and specific actions also breaks it down to an individual experience rather than a group experience. Easier to figure out and became looked upon as possessions instead of a gift from god.
2. Jewish Roots
3. How does it work?
Complicated connections-when we try to explain sacraments we may think up complicated connections which don't actually exist. Grace is a gift of God. Sacraments aren't pull the lever dispense grace.
4. Loss of a ritual sense.
In essay 2 one obstacle is cultural filter
Preconceptions-Can cause differences we see what we expect to see and understand what we expect to understand. Sometimes we aren't looking for anything we don't see whatever we're not looking for.
Perceptions-Even though we all see the same thing we focus on differnt things because of our cultural filter.
In essay 2 theological modality
The RCC and protestant churches have a lot in common but they differ on points of faith. RCC says faith AND good works. Protestants say faith alone. RCC think of faith in action as good works. Both are on the same page. Main idea imposed impacts how the sacraments are viewed/received. Protestands have 2 sacraments baptism and Eucharist. The mode of theought affects how the sacraments are viewed/received and how docrtines and beliefs affect the sacraments.
modes of thought
Essay 2: What are the six additional obstacles to understanding as outlined by Dr. STramara
1. Subjectivity of experience
2. Cultural filters
3. Modality of thought
4. Vatican 2
5. CAtholicity paradox
6. Postmodern relativity
to talk to one another across boundaries and hear what the other side is saying Luthrans now understand Faith and Good works.
going back to the original.
Means to update. They want to build around it to work to the future.
When was V2
V2 was a meeting of the RCC bishops to talk about re-vamping and modernizing the church in 1962-65.
When 2 things, seemingly contradictory are joined into one. One god 3 persons. Sinner and saint. virgin gives birth.
What does the Latin term sacramentum mean originally?
It is a pledge (of money) legally binding. It's when a soldier makes a pledge to his commander. Pagans make a pledge when they go to the temple and make a monetary donation along with the pledge.
sign of the sacred. This builds off the modern sense it means it's really heave and important. It's intense. These sacraments help us have an intense experience with something really awesome this binds and connects us in a deep way.
Holy days of obligation
You are obligated to go to church on particular days. You've made a pledge/deal with God.
Greek term meaning mystery. They talk about mysteries (that which is unknown that is partially known) Mysteies pull us in.
Latin culture emphasizes
Greek culture emphasizes
Law and order which is a western value
the Greeks like to ponder things so they prefer abstractions.
Sacrament Definition
A sacrament is a sign and vehicle of God's grace.
What is the name of the book St. Anselm wrote?
St. Anselm wrote CurDeus Homo which means "Why did God become man" He wrote this to address why God had to become man and he says it is to repay to debt of sin humanity created by breaking the law. God is a just God but just like when we break the law we have to pay the price. Only our debt was so large that mere humans could never repay the debt so God had to send his son to take care of the debt.
massa damata
After reading St. Paul's gospel, Augustine understood us as massa damata which means we are the group that is damned.
Which three saints believe that God would have come down even if Adam and Eve hadn't sinned and why do they think he would have come?
St. Issac the Syrian
Gregory of Nyssa
Maximas the Confessor
They thought God always wanted to share in human nature because God wanted intimacy with us.
Gregory or Naziauths
Talks about the thing as experiential love. God wants to experience what it was like to be loved He understood intellectually but wanted to experience it fully.
Gregory of Nyssa
The early church recognizes him as the father of the fathers.
Means union with God. It's all about intimacy and experince with God. When we make generalizations we leave this out.
Helps you make passage on your way to Heaven. Was also given to a soldier on his journey. Westerners emphasize us as being soldiers of Chirst. We have to get to Heaven. It is our final resting place. WE are welcomed by God into Heaven but they focus on sin as the problem.
actual grace
Grace to help with specific acts
Sufficient grace
(ability) Gives enough grace to everybody to allow them to receive more grace.
Efficacious grace
(activity) may have the right tool to remove nut but not enough strength to get it off. Not everyone receives this type of gface. IT's god's choice.
Sanctifying grace
Premanent state of being adopted child of God.
After V2 what is salvation through?
Jesus Christ
How does it owrk after V2 if you weren't baptized?
IF a child grew up in Africa didn't know about god under the old view they would be damned. Under the new view, however, if they worship something they believe to be God or have the qualities of God, then when they die God will appear and say it's me you've been searching for and if they accept him they go to Heaven.
Eastern and western POV as far as when grace began to exist?
Eastern POV grace always existed not exclusive to the cross. Incarnation happens regardless of Adam and Eve.
Western POV they didn't have grace before the cross. It happened because of Adam and Eve's sin.
Matter and form
Before V2 sacraments had matter and form after they don't like this understanding as much
What is the V2 understanding of sacraments?
They understand sacraments as mysteries of salvation. Prior to V2 there was the pull lever dispense grace idea.
What is the Hebrew word for spirit and what do they mean by it?
Ruah is the Hebrew word for spirit. The ruah-the breath, the wind, the Spirit. The spirit gives life. Gen 1:2 the spirit hovered over teh water and brought forth life.
In Syriac, the word used when a bird hovers over the nest bringing forth life is femenine.
What is suprising about the imaging of the ruah
IT is femenine. In syriac the word used when a bird hovers over the nest bringing forth life is feminine.
What is the Coptic church word for aptismal font?
al-Urdunn, which means the Jordan which is appropriate because when he went down into the waters of the Jordan he was sybolically going down into the grave.
Someone who bears witness. Early church this means even until the point of death. Will you really die for the faith?
He imitates Christ and says "Lord don't hold this sin against them." Christ says "Forgive them for they know not what they do. He was a martyr. Martyrs die in imitation of Christ.
Peter imitated Christ and was martyred but could't be exactly the same as Christ so he was nailed to a cross upsidedown.
64-68. During Nero's reign, Peter and Paul die for their faith. Persecution ends up being a way of life.
What did it mean to be a Christian during Nero's time
Being a Christian was dangerous. Persecution ended up being a way of life for them. Profession of faith was a dangerous thing. You could end up being put to death.
Why were Christians persecuted in the early Church?
1. Issue of Lord. They called God Lord and worshiped him. Ceasar thought there should be only one Lord which was himself. If there were two lords it would cause a political problem.
2. Jesus preached of the Kingdom of God. The Romans didnt want another kingdom. They thought of this other kingdom as a political threat. Therefore to become a Christian was a huge risk.
Ignatius of Antioch
110. From Antioch he was a major influential bishop. Was taken to Rome to be publicly martyred. He said "I am the wheat of God I must be ground by the teeth of wild beasts to become the bread of Christ."
This sounds like the Eucharist. He's sacrificing himself just as God did. Ignatious says be courageous go out and priase God and celebrate the Eucharist. In the year 110 he talks about the Eucharist as the flesh and blood of Christ.
Martyr. "I bless you because I may have a part along with the martyrs in the chalis of your Christ". He was bound and set ablaze on a pyre-wood you light.
"The fire took the shape of an arch around Polycarp and he was in the middle of it not like burning but like bread being baked." Some say his death parallels Jesus death
How early did they start talking about the Eucharist as the flesh and blood and who was the first to talk about it?
Ignatius of Antioch in 110.
Charge of cannabalism
Because they talked about eating flesh and drinking blood there was a real warrent from outsiders who hear eat flesh and drink blood. These outsiders say that these people should be put to death they are cannibals. The early Church didn't ever change their wording. It always remained eating flesh and drinking blood.
Justin Martyr
Was philosopher who eventually converts and was martyred. First to speak on Cannibalism
Three individuals who address Euchraist Cannibalsim ect. issues of the early Church and are martyred for it
Justin Martyr
Theiphious of Antioch
Sacramental presence
When they talk about martyrs they talk about Christ being martyred as he dies.
How was Polycarp's martyrdom just like Jesus martyrdom??
When Polycarp was murdered, blood and water poured from his side just as blood and water poured from JEsus side. But in addition, a dove came from his side. This dove symbolizes the holy spirit was with him as he was martyred.
Perpetua and Felicity
female martyrs who made Christ present in themselves the holy spirit came among them.
Considered martyrdom a second baptism since it removes all sin and assures a martyr eternal life. He echoes Shepherd Hermas who says baptism wipes out sin just as blood wipes out sin.
Baptism wipes out sin for babies just as _______ wipes out sin for martyrs
Clement of Alexandria
Says martyrs get to go straight to heaven without stopping at purgatory on the way there.
Edict of Milan
313 Constantine gave religious toleration to the nation. Wasn't the official religion but it was no longer illegal to be a Christian. Persecution largely stopped.
Makes Christianity the state religion. Now that it's the official religion many people convert. This conversion issue is how much have people actually converted.
What do you have to do to join the body of Christ?
You have to make a profession of faith that god is god and man. You have to be baptized for remission of sins. This was originally done right before death because it was the way sins were forgiven. But now it's done at birth which emphasizes that sacraments help us on our spiritual journey throughout life.
Constantine controversy
Constantine waited until death to be baptized some question if he was really catholic because of this behavior.
Why did some convert to Christianity after t became the official religion
SOme converted because they believed it would help them attain higher positions at their jobs.
They are taught about what life in Christ means. Evangilization. What this is they are trained to be a disciple.
All of life is about an imitation of Christ. Have sacraments to make us more Christ like. Because we move baptism to infanthood, one must have sacrament of repentence or reconciliation.