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What new beleif helped Buddhism become popular with the masses?
Many people could become buddhas
What became a closely guarded secret in China?
Silk production
How did INdian traders affect southeast asia?
They spread indian styles of art, architecture, dance, and religion
What ecouraged the rise of the banking system in INdia?
increased trade
What did Indians discover when they learned about the Silk Roads?
They could profit by acting as middle men
How did the family strucure of some Tamil groups differ from the family structure in Northern India?
They were matriarchal
What scientific concept did Indian astronomers prove long before Europeans did?
The earth is round
How did Empress Lu maintain her power?
She named one infant emperor and then another
What did Wudi do to improve hi ssystem of bureaucracy?
he established schools for job applicants
what did indian civilization experience during the Gypta empire?
advances in literature, art, science, and mathematics