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Flake of gold theory
1. in everything u do in life, eepsecially in educational related activities, you must get something positive from each and every experiance/oppurtunity, or else you are a loser!

2. A bunch of flakes equals a gold nugget
a bunch of nuggets equals a gold bar
a bunch of gold bars equals your rich like fort knox
Vision without action is a daydream but action without vision (a plan) is a nightmare
what the big print...
what the big print givith the small print takeith away
if the human...
if the human mind was a simple thing to understand our minds would be to simple to understand it
the youth our...
the youth of our country make up only about 25% of our population but 100% of our future
two things are infinite...
two things r infinite the universe and human stupidity and im not sure about the universe
there is...
there is no right way to do the wrong thing
its not just about...
its not just about doing things right, its about doing the right thing
when was the first mutual fund created?
how man mutual funds are there?
more then 5000