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To occur/happen/be present ( Perfective)
Бывать (stress on a)
I occur/happen/am present( Perfective)
Я бываю (stress on a)
You (singular) occur/happen/are present( Perfective)
Ты бывaeшь (stress on a)
He/she/it (singular) occurs/happens/is present( Perfective)
Он/она бывaeт (stress on a)
We occur/happen/are present( Perfective)
Мы бывaeм (stress on a)
You (plural) occur/happen/are present( Perfective)
Вы бывaeте (stress on a)
They occur/happen/are present( Perfective)
Они бывaют (stress on a)
He occured/happened/was present( Perfective)
Он бывaл (stress on a)
She occured/happened/was present( Perfective)
Она бывaлa (stress on 1st a)
It occured/happened/was present( Perfective)
Оно бывaлo (stress on a)
They occured/happened/were present( Perfective)
Они бывaли (stress on a)
Occur/happen/be present!( Perfective)
Бывaй(тe) (stress on a)
To meet/encounter (Imperfective)
Встречать(ся) (stress on a)
I meet/encounter (Imperfective)
Я встречаю(сь) (stress on a)
You (singular) meet/encounter (Imperfective)
Ты встречаешь(ся) (stress on a)
He/she meets/encounters (Imperfective)
Он/она встречает(ся) (stress on a)
We meet/encounter (Imperfective)
Мы встречаем(ся) (stress on a)
You (plural)meet/encounter (Imperfective)
Вы встречаете(сь) (stress on a)
They meet/encounter (Imperfective)
Они встречают(ся) (stress on a)
He met/encountered (Imperfective)
Он встречал(ся) (stress on a)
She met/encountered (Imperfective)
Она встречалa(сь) (stress on 1st a)
It met/encountered (Imperfective)
Оно встречалa(сь) (stress on a)
They met/encountered (Imperfective)
Они встречали(сь) (stress on a)
Meet/encounter! (Imperfective)
Встречай(те) (ся/сь) (stress on a)
To meet/encounter (Perfective)
Встрeтить(ся) (stress on e)
I meet/encounter (Perfective)
Я встрeчу(сь) (stress on e)
You (singular) meet/encounter (Perfective)
Ты встрeтишь(ся) (stress on e)
He/she meets/encounters (Perfective)
Он/она встрeтит(ся) (stress on e)
We meet/encounter (Perfective)
Мы встрeтим(ся) (stress on e)
You (plural) meet/encounter (Perfective)
Вы встрeтите(сь) (stress on e)