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Бабушка надвое сказала.
lit. Grandma said it ambiguously.

It's very doubtful. It remains to be seen.

Yes, no, maybe so.
Бежать высунуб язык
Lit. To run with your tongue hanging out.

To run as fast as your legs can carry you. To run like a bat out of hell.
Без сучка без задоринки
lit. Without a snag or any roughness.

Without difficulty or complication. smoothly

Without a hitch, like clockwork.
белая борона
lit. a white crow

Someone who is unusual, extraordinary, not like the others; an outsider.
Бить в одну точку
To keep striking only one spot.

To concentrate your effort on one thing trying to attain your goal.
Бить ключом
to well up, to bubble.

To boil over; to be in full swing.
Биться как рыба об лед
lit. to beat against the ice like a fish.

To struggle desperately
блуждать в потемках
lit. to wander in the dark

To be in the dark, to act blindly
больное место
lit. a sore spot

A sore spot, a touchy subject
больной вопрос
lit. a sore question

An urgent/difficult problem.
бояться собственной тени
To be afraid of your own shadow.

To be unreasonably fearful of trivial things.
брать кого-либо за сердце/душу
lit. to take someone by the heart/soul

To move deeply.

To pull at the heartstrings.
Брать кого-либо под крылушко
To take someone under your wing
Брать с потолка
lit. To take something from the ceiling.

To pull it out of thin air.
Браться за ум
lit. to take yourself by the mind

To become sensible, reasonable.

To come to your senses.
Бросать камешки в чей-либо огород
To throw pebbles into someone's kitchen-garden.

To allude to someone with mild derision. To make implied criticism.

To dig at someone
Бросать слова на ветер
lit. To throw words to the wind.

Not to care what you say.

To waste your breath
Бросаться кому-либо в глаза
lit. To throw yourself into someone's eyes.

To catch someone's eye. To make eye contact.
Бросаться словами
lit. To throw your words about.

to speak without caution. To use your words lightly.
Бросить тень на кого-либо/что-либо
lit. To cast a shadow on someone/something

To cast someone/something in a bad light. To blacken/cloud someone's reputation.
Быть между молотом и наковальней
lit. to be between a sledgehammer and an anvil.

To be caught between a rock and a hard place.
Быть на голобу выше
lit. to be a head taller than someone

To be far superior to someone both mentally and morally.

To be head and shoulders above someone.
Быть на друхенской ноге
To be on good footing with someone.
быть на ножах
lit. to be on knives

To be at each other's throat.
Быть на седьмом небе
lit. to be in the seventh heaven.

to be walking on air
быть не в своей таралке
lit. to not be on your own plate

to not be quite right, to feel uneasy, to be out of sorts.
быть не из робкого десятка
lit. not to be of the timid dozen

Not one to scare easily
быть не ко двору
lit. to be unfit for the courtyard

not to fit in
быть не на своем месте
lit. Not to be in your own place.

Not to fit in.

To be a sqauare peg in a round hole.
быть одетым с иголочки
lit. to be dressed as if straight from the pin

To be dressed in brand new clothes.

To be dressed up
Быть у кого-либо под вашмаком
lit. to be under someone's shoe

To be under the complete control of someone (usually a man by his wife).

To be on a short leash
Быть связанным своим словом
lit. To be bound by your word.

To keep your promise.
валить в одну кучу
lit. to throw everything into one heap

to lump everything together