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The "Asian" part of Russia is mainly two heritage groups and is diverse. Name 2 groups.
Diverse ethnic groups, customs, and traditions
many Turkic & Mongol heritage
Where is cotton production in Eurasia?
Central Asia
Water features of Russia
(rivers, seas, etc.)
Volga, Ob, Lena, Amur Rivers
Lake Baikal, Pacific & Arctic Oceans, Aral, Black & Caspian
What is the main product produced by Russian Farmers?
Where is most of Russia's farm/agricultural land?
fertile triangle region, rich chernozem soils, West of Ural Mts., European part of Russia
Negative aspects of Russia's natural resources
not fully developed due to climate, limited transportation links, vastness of the country
Energy resources of Russia
hydroelectric power, oil, natural gas
What makes up Russia's infrastructure?
Trans-Siberian Railroad, systems of rivers & canals, other systems of railroads
What did the former Soviet Union (USSR) leave behind?
political/economic difficulties, environmental issues, pollution, transition from communist to free market economy
Cultural landscape features
Russian Orthodox churches, kremlin, St. Basil's church, mos1ques, minarets, Red Square, Siberian villages, soviet style apartment blocks or flats
Russian cities that serve as centers of culture & trade
Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok
Northward flowing rivers (to Arctic Ocean)
Ob & Lena Rivers
Russian cultural items
ballet, faberge eggs, music, icons, Matrioshka dolls, oriental carpets, samovars
What two seas are shrinking?
Aral & Caspian Seas
What does "Siberia" mean?
the sleeping land
What mountains divide Europe and Asia?
Ural Mts.
black earth belt, rich dark soil, full of nutrients
Countries with large land sizes in Russia/Eurasia
Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan
Countries with large populations in Russia/Eurasia
Russia, Kazakhistan, Uzbekistan
Countries with high GDP's in Russia/Eurasia
Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan
Russia spans which two continents?
Europe & Asia
Major climates of Eurasia
tundra, permafrost, taiga, steppe