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a belief that the existing society and govenment must be destroyed so a better one can be created
a ruler with unlimited power
command economy
an economy with centralized planning by by the state
collective farm
a large unit made up of land from many small farms and owned and operated jointly by a group
a political system in which the gov. has total control over the lives of individual citizens
a council
decemberist revolt
brought on by alexanders death;
social democrat
marxists agreed with marxs expectations
a german philasopher who argued that the workers of the world would one day overthrow the ruling class
social revolutionary
bvelieved the force to overthrow the czars gov. would come from russias peasants
leader of sd. planned to overthrow the czar but also wanted to spark a world wide marxist revolution
lenin and his follower were called this the word means majority
lenins oppoinets who moved slower were this and the word means minority
nicholas II
lead a era of reform; autocrat
bloody sunday
200,000 workers went to czars palace with a petition asking for better working conditions soldiers were orderd to fire the crowd between 500 and 1,000 ppl died; jan.22 1905