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Gestation in Bovine
283 days
Stage 1 - Preparatory Stage of Labor
t hours - restlessness and little interest in food, may be occasional kicking at the belly and straining.
Stage 2 - Delivery of the fetus
30 minutes to 4 hours 75 average
Calves normally delivered
anterior presentation front leggs extended and head between front leggs(head-diving posture)
if no progress after 1 hr of straining or abnormal fetal position - call vet
Stage 3 - delivery of the placenta
4-6 hrs to detach and expell - 12 hrs not unusual if not passed in 24 hrs call the vet
Cows may eat aftermath
Routine care of neonatal calf
1. O2/Pulse assessment
2. Temp regulation
3. Care of unbilibal cord and unbilicus
4. Nutrition(nursing)
5. Bonding of cow and calf
6. Passage of meconium
7. Adequacy of passive transfer of antibodies
8. Physical examination of calf