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Number of radio stations today
Number of TV stations today
Who sent the first radio signals?
Who amplified audio?
De Forest
Who invented FM radio?
What does FRC stand for?
Federal Radio Commission
Who was the first human voice on the radio?
What was the first "human voice" that was played on the radio?
Violin music, read from the Bible, wished everyone a Merry Christmas
Who was the unfair businessman that always took people to court?
What were the first 2 networks?
Who invented the Music Box Memo?
Who controlled radio when WW 1 began?
When/what/and where was the first radio commercial?
1922;EAF;New York
Who was granted the very first patent and what was it for?
Marconi; wireless telegraphy system
What was the first wireless signal (not human voice)?
the letter "s" in Morse Code
When did radio become profitable?
Why radio networks?
economic reasons, audience demands, and needs of advertisers
Name two facts about the Radio Act of 1927
public interest, no government censorship
What two guys got together and developed the electronic scanning for computers?
Zworykin and Farnsworth
When and where was the first public demonstration of TV?
1939' New York's World Fair
Two facts about the Freeze of 1948
froze the development of TV; Sixth Report and Order lifted the freeze
What three things happened in the 1950s?
dj's emerge, radio and the record industry are brought closer together, and radio is forced to depend on local advertising
What three things happened between 1963-1975?
cable starts to grow, more satellites, color TV
What VERY IMPORTANT thing happened in 1963?
networks go to 30-minute newscasts
What 1 thing happened between 1975-1990?
growth of cable, VCR, and the internet
What 4 things are happening now?
competition, clear channel, consolidation and convergence of station ownership, and new technology presents problems and opportunities
When does cable TV start to grow and what kinds of areas was cable designed for?
1963; rural
When did FM start competing with AM and when did it finally become dominant?
What percent of the US have cable TV? and what percent have satelite TV?
60%, 27%
What year was the VCR invented? and what year did it start getting used in homes?
1956; 1976
What is "time shifting"?
allows someone to view a program whenever they want
What are 2 problems with the internet?
internet radio and copyright issues; making ads obtrusive without "turning off" the user
What does AM stand for?
amplitude modulation
What does FM stand for?
frequency modulation
What are AM's 3 strengths?
sky waves, ground conductivity, and efficient use of wattage
What are AM's 3 weaknesses?
sky waves (more of a strength), static, and narrow channels
What are FM's 3 strengths?
wide channels with high fidelity, no static, and stable coverage area
What are FM's 3 weaknesses?
no sky waves, line of sight, and higher frequencies take more wattage
What is the maximum power for AM?
What is the maximum power for FM?
Name a strength of UHF
more channels
Name a weakness of UHF
signal problems
Name a strength of VHF
stronger signals
Name a weakness of VHF
only 12 channels
What is the deadline for HDTV?