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What happened after the war?
decline of classical Hollywood
What is the French New Wave?
French filmmakers who rejected classical cinema forms. They embraced iconoclasm, social/political issues
Postwar, when classical Hollywood was in decline, what 3 things were foregrounded?
- commercial tv
- import cinema and art cinema
- New American Cinema
What does the "New American Cinema" refer to?
in this cinema, the auteur is foregrounded
What was the importance of the mid1970s? H*
new technology and mediums for media transmission
this is what worship is, that things come before i was born
Wjat technologies were introduced during the mid1970s to transmit media in different ways?
vcrs, cable, internet, digital
When did new technologies and medias get introduced (like vcrs, cable, internet, digital)?
mid 1970s
When did conglomeration start?
What happened in the 1980s?
concentration of media
What is hollywoodization?
massive export of us cultural commodities
what are the 3 names for the movement that occurred during globalization?
americanzation, westernization, hollywoodization
What is globalization?
the development of the american cinema into a worldwide entertainment industry
What is the history of globalization?
started 1980s, boomed in 1990s