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Destitution (n)-
Destitution (n)- complete poverty
Cursory (adj)-
Cursory (adj)- performed with haste
Holistic (adj)-
Holistic (adj)- emphasizing the whole
Rhetoric (n)-
Rhetoric (n)- the study of using language
Deride (v)-
Deride (v)- to spek of or treat with contempt
Impetuous (adj)-
Impetuous (adj)- marked by violent force
Eclectic (adj)
Eclectic (adj)- combining elements from a variety of sources
Diffidence (n)
Diffidence (n) -the quality or state of being shy
Lamentation (n)-
Lamentation (n)- expression of sorrow
Disparge (v)-
Disparge (v)- to reduce in esteem or rank
Ineffable (adj) -
Ineffable (adj)- incapable of being expressed
Vindicate (v)-
Vindicate (v)- to clear of accusation
Incisive (adj)-
Incisive (adj)- clear and sharp
Sanguine (adj)-
Sanguine (adj)- or a reddish color, cheerfully optimistic
Staid (adj)-
Staid (adj)- fixed or permanent