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why can't DA be given directly for Parkinson's?
doesn't cross BBB
why does levo-dopa treatment fail to work as Parkinson's progresses?
the SNpc must have some DA secreting cells for levo-dopa treatment to work. as these all die, the levo-dopa doesn't have a CNS effect
a pt on levo-dopa may notice what SE
N/V, tachycardia
when giving L-dopa for Parkinson's, what drug must accompany it?
carbidopa - inhibit non-CNS aromatic-L-AA-decarboxylase
discuss MAOi and parkinsons Tx:
MAO inhibitors should be good for Parkinsons. however, systemic MAO inhibition, plus l-dopa, can lead to a dangerous HTN due to excess sympa agonism.
-thus a CNS-specific MAO-B is blocked by selegiline
name two DA-R agonists
bromocriptine, pramipexole
what Parkinsons drug can be used in treating antipsychotic-drug-induced parkinsonism?
Benztropine, as it affects ACh pathways, not DA.
-it's a muscarinic-R antagonist