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What did the Edict of Milan grant?
Religious freedom to all people.
Who made Christianity the official religion?
Emperor Theodosius.
Who saw a flaming cross in the sky?
Constantine I
In hoc signo vinces(In this sign thou shalt conquer), who saw this message?
Constantine I
What is a catacomb?
an underground cemetery.
What did Constantine I do to help Christianity?
Spent government money on Christian schools, excused churches from paying taxes, and he had churches built in Rome and Jerusalem.
When did Constantine I become emperor?
312 after winning the battle.
What did Rome have that helped missionaries?
System of roads.
Who did the Romans blame for plagues and famines?
When did Christianity become illegal?
64 A.D.
What is heresy?
A false doctrine.
What is an apostle?
A teacher chosen by Jesus.
What is a diocese?
Group of several churches.
What do they call the top five archbishops?
What do they call the leader of a monastery?
Who helped write the New Testament?
Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Paul.
What were some rules for Benedictine Monks?
No marraige, Simple clothes, religious services 7 times a day, eat only certain foods.
Who lives in a convent?
Who wrote the City of God?
What are Latin Churches known as?
Roman Catholic Church.