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People who were not wealthy and had few rights in the early days of the Roman Republic.
Caeser was able to take power from the senate only after he became an absolute ruler or _______.
The dome and the arch were two important Roman contributions to
A important religion that started in Palestine
Members of wealthy families who had total control of the senate.
How did early Romans come into contact with Greek civilizations?
The Greeks settled on the pennisula near the Romans. Busy Greek colonies ( trading) helped Romans know them.
Christians gave the Bishop of Rome the special title of ____________.
A geography term that means a region drained by a river and it's tributaries (the little streams that make a river).
List three advantages Rome gained by defeating Carthage
1. got their wealth-Carthage was rich
2. location middle of Mediterranean.
3. center of power
List three ways Jesus ideas spread throughout Roman empire.
1.Letters Paul wrote
2. churches set up
3. Peter and the apostles told others
French Italian and Spanish are called _______ _____ because they all grew from Latin.
Romance Languages
Why did Octavian call himself Augustus?
1. it meant "grand"
2. it meant "the gods"
Name two results of the murder of Julius Caeser.
1. Civil War-country fighting against itself
2. Octavian Augustus brought peace and good government.
Means Roman peace and talks about a time of peace and prosperity (wealth0 for almost 200 years
Pax Romana
What is a form of government where citizens choose their leaders.