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Who were the three groups that inhabited the region where Rome was
Latins Grekks Etruscans
Who were the Latins
farmers shepherd and wanderes around italy
Who were the greeks
Roman through trade, and they taught cultivation of grapes and olives. Romans also adapted their gods
Who were the Etruscans
Roman adapted their alphabet and architecture and rituals. metalworkes, in Northern Italy, engineers
What is a republic
goverment that powere rests with citizens who can vote leaders
who are the patricians
aristocratic landowners who held most power in govt positions
who are the plebeians
farmers artisans, and merchants
Who tdo Patricians have power
inherit power and satus from ancestry
What did tribunes do
protected the rights of Plebians from unfair acts
What were the twelve tables
wiritten law by 10 officials, they were open for inperpretation for the patricians. They were written on tablets and hung in forum
What ideas do the twelve tables establish
free citizens have right to the protection of law,
What are consuls
2 officials that command they ary and direct the govt they have the right to veto
Who controls the senate patricians or plebeians
what does the senate do
legislative and administrative functions, influence over foreign and domestic policy
What was the centuriate assembly
soldiers that appoint consuls and made laws. less power than senate
who controled the tribal assembly
What did the tribal assembly do
elect tribunes, made laws for common ppeople
What are legions
military units
What their economy based on
Agriculture and trade
How did augustus stabalize rome
glorify buldings, civic service,
What their a written law on selection of ruler
no that cause a civil war
Who was the last emperor
Maruc Aurelius
How were the conquered treated
some were citizens other slaves
Did rome intefore w/ allies
no if they sent trrops, and didn't intefere w/ treaties
What are the Punic wars
wars with Carthage
In the 1st punic war wahat occours
the defeat carthage and take the city of sicily
2nd punic war
hannibal who is for carthage goes around spain, france, and the alps and surpises the Romans and reek hell
3rd punic war
carthage is finally destroyed and becomes a provice
Who is the roman hannibal
What is the difference between greek and roman sculputre
roman have realitic portaits and greeks have idea
What is bas relief
images project from flat background in a sculputre
whas are mosaics
designs made of small pieces of stone glass and tile
What are frescoes
large murals painted on wet plaster
What philosophy had the most influence
____ valued what
virtue duty moderation, endurance
What did virgil write
What did ovid write
light witty poetry
what did Livy write
history of rome since 9 bc
What did tacitus write
accurately presnted facts and wrote about lack of morality
Roman System of Law
1. All person had the right to equal treatment
2. innocent until proven guilty
3. Proof from accuster not the ccused
4. punish for acts not thoughts
5. law unfair could be set aside
what influce the rules
what language was spoken
What are romance languages
languages that have the origin in the language of rome, Latin this languages are Spanish, Portugues, Freens, Romanian
What new engineering allowed the collosseum to be built
What are Justinians 3 main accomplishments
Recovering Land, building imperial city, and the Justinian code that is used for 900 years later
The absolute powere of emperors included
head of state and church
What is the Justinian Code
code of 5000 laws Roman laws
What is the definition of cod
general system of law
what is the importance of the Justinian code
decided legal questions throughout the byzanine life marriage slavery, propery, inheritance, crimes
What is the Hagia Sophia
Justinian crowning glory. A beautiful church
what was the main street in constantinoples
what stadium's name signifies horse race
What is the Nika Rebellion
Rebellion when rebels are in the Hippodrom and they proclaim a new empereor but Belisarious breaks in and shuts it down
Who is Theodora
justinians wife and rallied him to stay after the nika rebellion
what did the plague do to the empire
destroyed a huge population and left empire exposed to enemies
how does the byzantines fir try to prop up the emp ire
bribes, diplomacy, political marriages,
What does emperor heraclius do
reorganizes the empire into military lines, The provinces become themes or military districts
Why does the church split
icons and differnt views
who are Cyrl and Methodius
they invent the alphabet for slavic languages to shey could read the bible
What are some land problems
damage by hannibal, slaves, increase taxes, reused land, wars
Who are the Gracchus brothers
they attempted to help R omes poor. They wanted to limit latifundas, and give land to the poor
Civil war broke out over these to peop
gaius marius and lucium cornelius sulla. Sulla
What does Julius Ceasar do
expands senate, create civil service, colonies for those who cant pay, increased the pay for soldiers
What was Augustas original name
what does augustus mean
exalted in
What did diocletian do
divided the empire
What are the immediate reases for the fall of the roman empire
pressure from huns, invation by germanic tribes and huns, sack of rome, conquest by invaders
What are some of the contributing factors for Economy that led to the Fall of the Roman Empire
Poor harvests- farmland loss by worfare, overworked soil looses fertility,

Distruption of trade
hostile tribes and pirates

No mor war plunder- no more expansion

gold and silver drain- lots of luxutry goods for the rich, and no new sources

inflation- more money that has less weight

crushing tax burden- mounting expenced for military

gap between rich a poor- high taxes and the use of slaves
who is nero
the empire falls under him
gossip writer
5 emperors
2nd triumvirate
octavian, lepidus, marc antony
1st triumvirate
crassus, pmpey, julias cesaer
poor person live in a city
elected reps that proteces pelbeians rights