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Geography of Rome
Who settled there and influenced
peninsula, had mountains but didn't separate the people
Etruscans; got alphabet and Gods
Religion of Rome
had doorway (Janus) household gods (Lares)
Vestal virgins, Egypt god- Isis,
Zeus- Jupiter, Hera- Juno
Rome is remembered for...
big armies
Great borrowers
Federal Principle
(after conquered places)
no tribute
close places- full citizenship (right to vote)
further away- partial citizen, keep their gov, rome govenor oversee, legion protect
way out- citizenship down road, protected w/legion
kept Loyalness of places
sended soldiers
treaty- send soliders, keep safe
Roman Government was...
300 members
Patricians (wealthy land owners)
werent paid, served for life
made laws, elected consuls
two of them
had imperium (absolute power)
had veto power,
issue edicts
poorer people
What happened during crisis time
2 consuls elected dictator for 6 mos.
could make decisions quicker
leaders of Plebeians,
no imperium
granted vetos
block laws bad for Plebes
governors of provinces
appointed or got rid of senators,
no trial, had to prove, rarely happened
1st Punic War
fought over with whom
what happened b/c of it
Sicily, Carthage
got grain and slaves
farmers became unemployed
Pax Deocum
Pontifex maximus
contract w/ gods
bridge to gods (priest)
leader of state religion
two people helped unemploy farmers
how they did it
who didn't like them
Tiberius and Gaius
gave land
senators, killed them w/ thugs
2nd war
Carthage general, what he did
Rome's counteraction
Hannibal went to Rome w/ war elephants
went and defeated Carhage at own land
3rd war
What rome did to Carthage
burned city to ground
salted land so couldnt grow crops
Important Generals after Punic wars
#1 conquered
#2 conquered
Julius Caesar and Pompey
caesar conquered France/Gaul
Pompey conquered Canaan
Julius Caesar went to .... and did....
became leader->
helped rome how...
who killed him
Egypt, became lovers with Cleopatra, had son (didnt acknowledge him)
became dictator for four years
public work projects for unemployed farmers
Brutus (friend)
Marc Antony and Octavian
did what together
got which parts
went to track down Brutus
Octavian west
Marc East
-Marc Antony-
loved whom
married then divorced
lovers with Cleo
married Octavians sister then divorced and married Cleo
related to Caesar
got people mad at Marc...
fought war how...
grand-nephew of Caesar
will said that would give land to Cleo
on water b/c Marc's army stronger than navy
Octavian became...
did what for Rome
Caesar Augustus
built roads
Pax Romana- troops patrolled Rome
Julio Claudian emperors
their names
Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius and Nero
crazy stuff
step son of Augustus
put people on treason trials and killed them
crazy stuff
nephew of Tiberius
put horse as senator
treason- trials then when people paid him he would leave him alone
but was/did
married niece and...
Caligula's uncle
physical defects and was passed over
a scholar, wrote his of Rome
married niece killed him
did to Christians
Claudius step son
killed mother and wife
great entertainer
after fire- blamed Christians, persectured Peter and Paul
Mount Vesuvius buried 2 cities
helps archeology
Pompeii and Herculaneum
promary context- buried, know about bodies and burials
Mystery religions
#2 don't know name
tolerant of...
cult of Isis: appealed to women because of equal rights
said they would have good afterlife: appealed to poor people and generals
Rome hated Christians because...
thought they were cannibals
wouldn't worship the emperor (bad thing would happen)
guy who had mother convert to Christianity
said it was a okay religion
who conquered Canaan
63 BC
After Rome conquered Canaan they...
let Jews...
rebels were...
when was revolt
worship own gods, left them alone
66 AD
Jesus' life
born, versions of life,
taught at 30 years old
born 4 BC Gospels,
Peter and Paul
Paul- what was he -> then became
Peter- didn't know Jesus
Paul- persecuted Christians then saw Jesus then helped them
sects led by...
Paul was a ... means...
killed by...
misogynists means hater of women
who made Christian official religion
395 AD
settled by...
traded alot...
desert in Jordan
became wealthy
who moved to Petra and when
came from
Nabateans in 300 BC
south arabia- bedouins
frankencense and mir sold to Petra
Rome tried to get Petra in...
made them go away by...
63 BC
Nabateans paid them
Of Petra
eceltic- many different cultures and styles
Dushares (main god) Al Uzza- goddess depicted as lioness (Isis)
Kufic- south Arabian and semitic, wrote lists
roman took Petra in...
did (good thing)...
did (bad thing) ...
106 AD
built roads
cut off trade and people moved away