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458 B.C.
Cinncinnatus is called to be dictator
509 B.C.
Etruscans expelled from Rome
390 B.C.
Gauls attack and plunder Rome
338 B.C.
Rome emerges victor in wars with members of the Latin League
264-241 B.C.
Rome wins Sicily in First Punic War
218- 201 B.C.
Rome defeats Hannibal in Second Punic War
149-146 B.C.
Carthage destroyed in Third Punic War
753 B.C.
Traditional founding date of Rome
133- 123 B.C.
Reform movement of the Gracchi
88-82 B.C.
First Civil War (Marius vs. Sulla)
58-49 B.C.
Caesar conquers Gaul
49-45 B.C.
Second Civil War (Pompey vs. Caesar)
44 B.C.
Caesar assassinated
31 B.C.
Third Civil War (Octavian vs. Antony)
27 B.C.
Octavian (Augustus)becomes ruler of Rome