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his work received very little attention, he began his artistic training at ten, one purpose of his art was to change the way people see the world
was friends with Wordsworth, a true poet, he was very lonely, his great achievements occurred between 1800 and 1818
1795 he reunited with his sister, who was his inspiration, after 1805, his poetry began to decline, Lyrical Ballads was the fruit of the friendship between him and Coleridge
had many relationships with different women, in 1821 he published his elegy on the death of Keats, Adonais, drowned when her sailboat hit a storm off the coast of Italy
Lord Byron
assumed title when he was 10, had a difficult time with weight, died at 36, in 1812 he became a celebrity with his publications
: he died at age 25, so it is amazing that he became a major poet, his parents died when he was young, wrote many poems in 1819, couldnt marry due to his health and money problems
Characteristics of the Romantic Age
nature should be untamed, emphasis on inner feelings, imagination, spontaneity, unadorned language,idealism
Romantic period began: 1798 due to the American, French, and Industrial Revolution; with the factories and machinery being put up in cities, the cities became dirty and industrialized