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what is a romance story
an imaginative narrative written in a romance language
waht r the romance languages
french italian or spanihs
what r the characteristics of a romance
noble heroes, passionate/courtly love, chivalric codes of honor, daring deeds, supernatural events
What is metamorphosis
magical transformation of man into animal, plant, or stone and then back again
What are nooble heroes
adventerous, does good deeds
wat is passionatle love/courtly love
example is lancelot and guenever
what r daring deeds
examples holy grail and unicorn search
are romances usually idealistic or realistic
where are romances usually located in
faraway places and depict things unlike those of ordinary life
wat is a picaro
a rouge
what is a picaresque
a type of story
what happens in a picaresque
A story in which an uneducated street urchin is the protagonist. This central character travels widely (usually with a companion), meets various people, is confronted constantly with treachery or violence, and narrowly escapes by using his wit and vitality.
what is a parody
the imitation of a work of art, literature, or music for amusement or instruction
what is a satire
a kind of writing that ridicules human weakness, vice or folly in order to bring about social reform
what the reader views as comedy the character views as a tradegy