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Main Entry: cen.tu.ri.on
Function: noun
1. an officer commanding a Roman centry - group of 100
Main Entry: col·os·se·um
Pronunciation: "käl-&-'sE-&m
Function: noun
1 capitalized : an outdoor arena built in Rome in the first century A.D.
2 : COLISEUM [Latin, from colosseus "colossal", derived from colossus "colossus"]
Main Entry: dis·per·sion
Pronunciation: dis-'p&r-zh&n
Function: noun
1 : the act or process of dispersing : the state of being dispersed
Main Entry: le·gion
Pronunciation: 'lE-j&n
Function: noun
1 : the chief unit of the Roman army consisting of 3000 to 6000 foot soldiers with cavalry
2 : ARMY 1a
3 : a very large number : MULTITUDE
Pax Romana
Roman Peace
Octavian is crowned emperor and launched a time of peace which lasted almost 200 years beyond his lifetime
Main Entry: her·e·sy
Pronunciation: 'her-&-sE
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -sies
1 : religious opinion that is opposed to the doctrines of a church
2 : opinion that is opposed to a generally accepted belief
Main Entry: per·se·cu·tion
Pronunciation: "p&r-si-'kyü-sh&n
Function: noun
1 : the act or practice of persecuting
2 : the condition of being persecuted
Main Entry: edict
Pronunciation: 'E-"dikt
Function: noun
: a law or order made or given by an authority (as a ruler)

Main Entry: aq·ue·duct
Pronunciation: 'ak-w&-"d&kt
Function: noun
1 : an artificial channel for water; especially : one for carrying a large quantity of flowing water
2 : a structure that carries the water of a canal across a river or hollow [from Latin aquaeductus "aqueduct", from aquae, form of aqua "water", and ductus "act of conducting or leading" -- related to DUCT]
Main Entry: mar·tyr·dom
Pronunciation: 'märt-&rd-&m
Function: noun
1 : the sufferings and death of a martyr
2 : 1TORMENT 1
Main Entry: con·ver·sion
Pronunciation: k&n-'v&r-zh&n
Function: noun
1 : the act of converting : the state of being converted
2 : a change in nature, form, or units
3 : a change of religion