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what is the name of the hill the latins settled on?
the palatine
who are remus and romulus?
they are the sons of a latin princess who founded the city of Rome
A trojen prince who lead the latin people to the promise land (legendary) and was the son of Venus.
Who were the latins?
People who lived in Italy around the year 1000 B.C.
What were the people called who lived north of the palatine?
Eturia, what is it?
The rolling hill country north of the latin village on the palatine.
Were did the Etruscans come from?
Discribe "tombs of gold"
Tombs made out of natural, rock that were filled with art, terasure, gold, adn silver.
What is a social order?
The ways groups or people are classified.
What is a soothsayer?
A person who can predicit the future and events.
What is something that shows signs of what is to happen?
An omen
What do you call tombs that are beneath the ground?
What is a necropolis?
Cemeteries made up of acres of catacombs.
Who was Lucius Tarquinius?
HE was the first Etruscan king of Rome.
What was the name of the hill that was the site of the first temple in Rome?
What was the name for a public square?
A forum.
Discribe the gladiatorial games.
Fights between armed men, men, animals, women & drawfts and animals.
What is a parade like welcome given to a Roman hero coming home form battle?
A triumph.
What did the Romans call the meeting point between the worlds of the living and the dead?
What do you call a bundle of rods bond with an ax.
What is Municipal?
The city government?
What were the names of the islands that Rome got from fighting Carthage?
Siciley, Cosica, Sardenya.
name the three classes the Etruscans were divided into.
Upper class ( people who owned land and were wealthy) Middle class( farmers, traders, and city workers) and lower class ( Slaves).
What are 5 things the Romans borrow from the Etruscans?
1) symbols of authority
2) their alphabet
3) fights of inslaved people at funerals
4) triumph
5) the ritual for founding cities
Who wa TTarquin the proud?
The last Etruscan King of Rome.
What is the job that was made up of 300 men who were choosen for life to do this job?
The senate.
What are the 12 tables?
Twelve bronzen tablets that the year laws were carved into.
Discribe the republic.
A form of government which people choose their rights.
The oldest and richest families were called what?
What were the citizens who paid taxes and served in the army called?
What was the head of the Roman Republic who were choosen each year?
The Consuls.
What is veto?
The power to say no to acts of others.
Discribe what a tribune is.
They are government officals who protect the rights of plebeians.
What are legions?
A fighting formation.
What do you call 5000 soilders that were in the legions?
What is Carthage?
The phoenician city the Romans came into contact with.
Describe the Punic Wars?
The 3 wars fought against Carthage.
Who was Hannibal Barca?
The general who led the Carthiginians to war in 218 BC.
Where did Hannibal lose his first battle and war?
What did they call the slaves in Rome?
What do you call the people who sold tax contracts?
Who said that making farmers leave their land was bad for Rome?
Tiberius Gracchus.
What did Gaius Gracchus try to do?
Improve and extend the reforms.
Who was Lucius Sulla?
A Roman general.
Who was Pompey?
One of the members of the first Triumverate.
Who had different ideas about Rome?
Julius Caesar.
Who was Mark Antony?
Caesar's closest follower and a popular general.
What was the name of the general who paid the poor people if they joined his army and started the civil wars?
Gaius Marius.
Who was Octavian?
The heir to Caesar and destined to be the ruler of Rome for 41 years.
How come plebeians could not have a say in the government?
Because you had to be rich to perform the religious rituals.
What were some of the restrictions place on the plebeians?
You can not marry a rich person if you are poor.
Who belonged to the Assembly?
All soldiers and citizens.
Why did the Romans conquer the Etruscan city?
Because they thought that the best way to protect their city was to get rid of their enemys.
How were the Romans able to gain territory?
With a strong and organized army.
In 600 BC what kind of city was Rome?
A thriving city.
What were the traits of Roman people?
They were proud, strong, courageous and practical.
Who said, "Another such victory and all is lost."
King Pyrrus of the Greeks.
What did Punic mean in Latin?
It meant Phoenician which was what Carthaginians were really called.
The first Punic War started and ended in what years?
264 - 241 BC.
What was the cost for Rome in the first Punic War?
200,000 people killed, 500 ships sunk.
What did Carthage have to give up after Rome beat them in the first war?
They had to give up their navy.
What was Hannabel's plan to get to Italy?
Leave Spain, cross the Pyrenees, cross Gaul, march over the Alps, and finally attack Italy and Rome.
After how many years of harsh peace did Carthage finally rebel?
50 years.
What man in the Roman Senate ended all of his speeches with "Carthage must be destroyed."
What did the Romans do when they beat Carthage in the last Punic War?
They pulled down all the buildings and temples, the city was set on fire, the 50,000 survivers were sold into slavery, salt was plowed into the scorched soil and the site was cursed by the Romans so that anyone who tried to rebuild the city would be cursed.
What was the result of the Roman's last acts at the end of the Punic Wars?
Carthage ceased to exist.
What was the cause of the problems after Rome's conquest of the Mediterranean area?
Winning trememdous amounts of land and wealth from wars with Carthage and others in the East.
What happened to Rome after the conquest?
(1) The rich bought small farms during wars. (2) slaves replaced farm workers. (3) the unemployed fled to the City of Rome and their situation was no better in Rome. (4) people sold their votes to politicans(5) the gap between the rich and the poor widened. (6)Rome was no longer politically stabled.
Give examples of the growth of slavery in the First Century BC.
During the Punic Wars 200,000 slaves were taken.
150,000 Greeks were captured and turned into slaves.
From Gaul and Asia, 1 million slaves were taken.
What law did Tiberous Gracchus attempt to make?
A law to give land to the homeless soldiers.
What were the proposals that Gaius Gracchus tried to make?
1. Set up colonies for the homeless.
2. Hire the poor for building projects.
3. Give voting rights to all Italians.
Which proposal resulted in the killing of Gaius Gracchus?
Giving voting rights to all Italians.
What year did general Marius die?
86 BC
What year did General Sulla die?
79 BC
Name the 3 people in the First Triumvriate.
Crassus, Rome's richest person who was murdered in an ill-fated military campaign in 53 BC.

Pompey, heroic general who turned against Caesar in 49 BC. He was murdered in Egpyt in 48 BC.

Julius Caesar, popular with his troops and people. He defeated Pompey in Greece and was dictator of Rome in 46 BC. He was assassinated March 15, 44 BC.
Name and recite a piece of information about the people in the Second Triumvirate.
Mark Antony - powerful general, gets revenge on Caesar's assassins, defeated by Octavian in 31 BC.

Lepidus -- Caesar's commander of the cavalry, forced to retired in 36 BC by Octavian.

Octavian -- grand-nephew and heir to Caesar, 18 years old and no experience, destined to be the sole ruler of Rome for 41 years.
What year did Mark Antony and Queen Cleopatra commit double suicide?
30 BC