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What titles were given to Augustus?
Why did he rufuse the title of emperor?
Consul, turibune, high priest and seator.
He knew most Roman's would not accept a one man rule unless it took the form of a republic.
How did Augustus stengthen his authority?
-He made every soldier swear allegiance to him personall
- He put people who are loyal to hi in the government
How did Augustus make Rome easier to defend?
He rounded out the empire to the natural frontiers.
Why did Augustus give provincial governors long terms of office and paid them large salaries?
To gain experience in their jobs and no have the need to over tax people or keep public mondy for themselves.
Name three reasons to why trade increased during the Pax Romana
1. no taxes were placed on imported goods
2. No pirates in the mediterrainean.
3. The same money was used throught the empire
What items were traded during the Pax Romana?
Grain, brick, marble, granite, wood, amber, silk, wine, olive oil, pottery, bronze, and woolen cloth
Name fave major problems with living in the city of Rome.
- too little housing
-air was polluted
- crime in the streets
- cost of living was high
-taxes on almost everything
- hard to find jobs
Describe a domus
a house with marble walls, colored stone floors, and windows made of small panes of glass. a furnace heated the rooms and pipes brought water even to the upper floors.
what did the gladiators say as they walked past the emperor's box??
"hail emperor, those who are about to die salute you!"
Why was Commodus murdered and what happened to Rome after his murder?
He was a crues ruler.
The power was auctioned off to the highest bidder!
What were two economic problems in Rome?
-Paid army high paychecks - raised taxes
- inflation
List 5 reforms Diocletian made to try to save the Roman empire.
1. fortified the frontiers to stop invasions.
2. he reconized the state and gov. to make them work better.
3. made maximum prices for wages and goods.
4.workers had to stay in their jobs untill they died.
5. city officials had to collect taxes