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Were domiouses common in Rome at that time
No, you had to be an aristocrat or very wealthy
What was the hole in the roof for in the home
It was for the impluvium, the pool that caught rain water for cooking and home matters
Were the bedrooms of the day large
No, most did not have large rooms because you would stay out or in other rooms the house
What was the perstylium for
The peristylium was used for the horto or garden, it was usually surround by collumns inside the house.
Was the layout of each large house or dominous common.
Yes, the layout was a basic layout for each large home or dominous.
Was there large windows in the home?
No, because the windows were only there to let in lite and let out heat
Were did the slave sleep in the house?
They would sleep in storage with every other funiture in the house.
Were did people eat in the house?
In the atrium, there was two one was for winter the other for summer.
Was the house ment to be inviting?
Were where the merchant shops located in the house?
At the very front of the house.