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What is the large double door in the front of a Roman house called?
The door is called a Iauna, in Latin.
How many stories high was a normal Roman house?
1 story.
What was the first room you entered after the Ianua?
The reception hall, or atrio.
Was there any yard whatsoever in a Roman house?
No, there was not.
Were Roman houses designed for beauty or function?
They were designed for Function.
What is a Compluvium?
It is a slanted roof that allowed for rain water to collect.
What is the family shrine called?
It is called a Lararium.
What is the term for a small rectanglear pool that held rain water?
The Impluvium.
The Tablinum is?
A study or office.
What is the Peristylium?
The small garden and pool that allowed for fun for the family in the summer time.