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countries they ruled over *Greece *Egypt *Africa
*influenced by gods and godesses also emreriors
Mixed different kinds of art together to make there own
Afr Forms
* Murals large wall paintings
* Architecture- Bulidings made with colems and arches
Statues & portraits- life like, gods.godesses,emperiors, and important people
*other kinds of art is paintings and poetry
Style*wern't really any perfect human shapes*They made there art so people would know what they owned and wealth they were 4
styles Painted walls to look
like marble *made it look liek you were looking through a window *less realistic but delicate *combination of second and third
Materials- Made everything out of natural materials
Paint Brushes- twigs,wood,reeds
Paint-ground rocks, Powdered plants
Green- Grasses
Black-soot and dirt
Purple- Special sea glass
red- Berries
Floors_walls_cealings_Entry ways
Beware of dog "Cave Canem"
Scare ppl off
to protect the house
Many different colors and styles