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What happened on
March 15, 44 BCE?
Julius Caesar was murdered
Our planets are named after
Roman gods and goddesses
king of Roman gods
Goddess of love (Rome)
powerful nobility of Rome
majority of Romans; commoners
Laws of Rome
12 Tables
Rome's laws guaranteed
Innocent until proven guilty
Wars between Rome and Carthage
Punic Wars
Carthaginian general who invaded
Rome during the Second Punic War
How did Rome gain control of the
western Med. and trade through
the region
Victory against Carthage
in the Punic Wars
Causes for the decline of the
Roman Republic
spread of slavery, migration of small
farmers to the cities, civil war and the
death of Julius Caesar, and inflation
Why was Julius Caesar assassinated
Some senators felt he was becoming
too powerful and that could end the
who defeated Mark Antony to
become Rome's first emperor
Octavian and then he took the
name Caesar Augustus
who was the emperor who began
the Pax Romana?
Caesar Augustus
200 year period of peace and
prosperity for the Roman Empire
Pax Romana
As Rome's empire grew, what
happened to the power of the senate?
it became less and less powerful
What was the impact of the
Pax Romana?
uniform system of currency
safe travel and trade
expansion of the Roman Empire
greater social stability
Who was the apostle who spread
Christianity to the people of the
Roman Empire?
formerly Saul of Tarsus
Which Roman emperor legalized
and converted to Christianity
Edict of Milan
legalized Christianity in the
Roman Empire (Constantine)
book that tells of the life and teachings of Jesus
New Testament
3 monotheistic religions
Judaism, Christiantiy, Islam
belief in one god
As Rome's empire fell, what happened
to the power of the Catholic Church?
it increased
Roman architectural contributions:
domes, roads, aqueducts, arch
vaulted ceilings, concrete
Pantheon, Colosseum
language of Rome
the Romance languages (Spanish,
Portuguese, Italian, French, etc.)
are all based on ___
writer of the Aenied
belief in many gods
Why did the Western Roman
Empire decline?
cost of defense, inflation, moral decay,
political problems, civil wars, unclear
line of succession, invasions by barbarians
Two reforms by Constantine
legalized Christianity and move
capital to Constantinople,
previously Byzantium
emperor who divided the Roman
empire into East and West
Capital of the Byzantine Empire
Geographical advantages
of Constantinople:
easily protected, away from Germanic
invasions, crossroads of trade, close
to Silk Road, great harbor